John Kerry’s Dodgy Awards

John Kerry set the scene to include his war service as a part of his case to be elected President so he can't complain when people question that service. I mean, right from the start I would have shut up. Does he really think people will forget what he did after the war when he went over to the other side. It's one thing to disagree with the war - it's quite another to give solace to the enemy and to denigrate the service of your own countrymen. On the face of it it appears he was awarded the Bronze Star with V device for rescuing a special forces guy. The SF guy was in the water and there was no incoming fire. Big deal! That's not hero stuff. Now his Silver Star is under question. Henry Mark Holzer and Erika Holzer writing for Frontpage have come up with some fairly interesting questions. Yes, I know where Frontpage are coming from but the questions still need answering. It appears they have found three, repeat three, citations for the award. Civilians might find that of no import but the soldier in me screams "bullshit alert...there is somethig wrong here' Not only are there an unprecedented three citations but they vary, were written years and decades after the event and look like a sanitization of events. If your interested in pursuing the truth you should check it out Wallace at Streams in Texas has a point to make on relative heroism. Non military readers may like to read what he has to say to get some idea what we proffessional soldiers think of dodgy citations and officers who enlist in the enemy's services. Update: Donald Sensing at One Hand Clapping has more