Kerry Defined

Gary of fame pointed me to this letter re John Kerry. It talks of American dead defamed by lies but is equally relevant from the Australian perspective. This as a teaser;
It's bad enough that we couldn't mourn our dead then. Now we see the same man that stood over the open graves of our brothers and pissed on their bodies is back. This time he's dug up those bodies and is standing on them to give himself the stature for high office.
Compassionate and eloquent, it sums up the feelings of Vietnam Vets very well. Go read and try and imagine how we feel. If you were the man who, in 1970, phoned the recently bereaved parents of a mate from my battalion and told them he deserved to die or the man in Adelaide who told me the dead of Long Tan deserved to die or the young women, who in 1971, ask me how many babies I had killed, or anyone who agreed with them then read the letter and look into your soul. Thanks Gary.


  • Don’t thank me Kev for two reasons

    1) I got the link from Blackfives site

    2) I might be unconsciously fuelling your anger for my own nefarious reasons.

  • Kev

    As the son of a Vietnam vet, I still struggle with the concept that people vented their anger at the soldiers, but it did go on, my mum and dad will attest to that, at it will forever be a pox on this country and its shameful behaviour towards returned servicemen.

    But if you’re like my dad, he never regrets his service, and even though he was conscripted, he says he would go again, if he had his time again.

    The pond scum that indulged in that behaviour, and now seem to inhabit the media and academia, will always have to bear the shame of their actions and if I ever hear anyone disrespecting vets of any war but particularly Vietnam, I am all over them like a cheap suit.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Nuffy,

    Your Dad is right. I am proud of my service and it is all the better for having still served even though the sub-species referred to tried to denigrate that service.

    True they will always have to bear the shame of their actions but they will never recognize that and will continue to question what has made this country great.