Bush lookin’ good

Norman McGreevy writes to the Australian and nails it. Landslide alert 19 October 2004
"PROGRESSIVE" pundits, journalists and most of academia long ago concluded that George W. Bush is the biggest liar ever to make president and should, without delay, be ejected from the White House. Hollywood's left-leaning entertainers and assorted rock acts have screeched loud and long in their campaigns against the dumb "end of democracy as we know it" Bush presidency. John Kerry comprehensively wiped the floor with Bush in all three of their debates. Then a poll involving ten "quality newspapers" around the world, showed people would much prefer John Kerry to be the next US president. And now, not unexpectedly, The New York Times has delivered their own ringing endorsement of Senator John Kerry for president. All of this encouraging evidence appears to be pointing towards a Republican landslide. Norman McGreevy Malvern East, Vic
Couldn't agree more.