Stolen Valor: Wounds that Never Heal

Got this link from a Viet Vet in the US. Stolen Valor may have been pulled from the networks but Fahrenheit 911 has been screened most everywhere in the world. I think this is grossly unfair so click on the link below to view it See how Conservatives, the right wing and us Vets view Kerry. See Stolen Valor here Plays best on Real One but OK on others Put some time aside - it's 40 odd minutes.


  • I just watched it Kev. That man is a disgrace. Surley the Americans can’t seriously be considering voting to make him the most powerful man on earth? It beggars belief.
    I still think he has no hope, sadly my American wife disagrees with me. Not that she supports him, but she thinks he will win.

  • Hey Kev

    I watched the movie yesterday & found out just how disgusting this fool really is.Any veteran who would vote for this man is as stupid as he is.He does not have the guts to stand toe to toe with a Ranger,Special Forces Personnel,Green Beret Etc.because he knows what would happen.He doesn’t deserve to be called a Veteran let alone a War Hero.He is in a class with the Viet Cong who he cuddled up to while in the service.God Bless You Kev & to Hell with John Kerry.