Bush home and hosed

Both Kerry and the Australian SBS refuse to admit defeat but it looks home and hosed to me. SBS report Ohio terribly close..closest poll in memory..country polarized. Why is a country polarized when conservative governments win and politically mature when Left wing governments win. Ohio is terribly close to the point where Bush is ahead by a statisticsally unsurmountable lead according to Ohio's Secretary of State. All of SBS's reporting was as at close of counting in the US whereas the bloggers of the world are still up and posting and subsequently more recent. The ABC are rerunning a Bush lied, Powel lied, WMD's are still important to us and the Abu Graib saga doco. I guess the programmers run the show in anticipation of a Kerry win. Makes it all the more poignant to the luvvies viewing. However, there is some good news for Kerry. He won the 'Straw Pole' held at 'Harry's New York' bar in Paris. Well he would. Wouldn't he? A comment from Tim Blair's site sums it up.
... a great night for conservatives around the world, and a bad night for Islamic fundamentalists, terrorists and Communists.


  • We Americans are very thankful that Australia and her wonderful people are on the ground – working – where liberty and freedom are threatened. The MSM here ignored John Howard’s impressive victory, because it didn’t fit their approved agenda.

    Many of us were fearful that Espana would set the example for the US presidential election. Fortunately, that didn’t happen. But, the number of people willing to vote for a John Kerry is scary.

    However, the Anglosphere appears to be alive and healthy, though still under siege.

    Thanks y’all!

  • and with the end of Kerry, the Left has lost it’s battle for a resurrection of Vietnam style oppositionism.