US withdraws from Iraq

Six years ago, talking about Iraq, I wrote;
a democracy in the middle of the shit-hole that is the Middle East would give birth to hope and all the Mullahs and Kings and Princes would be feeling uneasy
Since the Arab Spring bloomed I’ve been waiting for someone to put it all together and give George Bush some credit for the changes, all to no avail. Until today that is. Today’s The Australian editorial opines;
Clearly, the Arab Spring has been triggered, at least in part, because people of the Middle East and North Africa have seen Arabs proudly casting ballots in Iraq and taking control of their own destiny. For all his mistakes in the post-invasion phase, it was former president Bush’s foresight and courage in implementing the surge in 2007 that saved the Iraq venture, turning a conflagration of defeat and sectarian terrorism into a solid basis for a secure and democratic future.
And this to close;
So while the end belongs to Mr Obama, the success belongs to Mr Bush
The Left would have to agree, wouldn’t they?


  • You can bet he won’t…..(07)1735099

  • Dear Kev

    I amd sorry to tell you Kev that Iraq is rapidly descending into civil war. I warned you about this some years ago.

    The Yanks have bugged out and left a mess. One commentator said that at least the British in the 1920’s built infrastrcture however the yanks have left a mess having destroyed the infrastructure of the country.

    What a sad waste of US money and especially lives.

    George Bush, Rumsfeld should be rightly condemned for this disgrace.

    The only country that has benefited from this is Iran.

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