Floor price lowered

LABOR has moved to assuage business fears about the impact of the carbon tax by dumping the scheme’s controversial floor price, a change that could slash hundreds of millions of dollars from annual company costs. Stage two of the ALP’s attempts to claw back in the polls and to neuter Abbott – their nemesis; not surprisingly, they still don’t get it. Stage 1, off-shore processing, only comes with some of the expert panel’s recommendations and thus has been set up to fail. That will become apparent soon, if it isn’t already. This latest attempt isn’t going to help either. They have cut the floor price to calm down business who are not taken in by the government’s promises of limited disadvantage. Now some are happy, Combet is spinning like a top and I presume Wayne Swan is sitting in the dark somewhere wondering what has happened to his much touted ‘surplus’. He will be working on the spin he needs to make a deficit sound like a surplus – just like he did with the last budget. We know, by precedence, that he won’t be working on fixing the problem. It’s gone Wayne, on on the Political Expediency bus via Unintended Circumstances – a trade mark clearly owned by the ALP Tony Abbott’s comment;
“If you can’t take the price for granted, you can’t take the revenue for granted,” the Opposition Leader said. “If you can’t take the revenue for granted you can’t rely on the compensation. No one can count on the compensation this government has promised them.”
No one can can count on any promises this government make

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  • When he delivers the budget will he wearing his Wyllie E Coyote T shirt.

    That bloody surplus for all his ACME gadgets is just like the roadrunner.

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