Five Diggers KIA

Another two diggers killed giving us a total load of five for the day. The first three, from a Brisbane based unit (6 RAR?) were shot down while relaxing in base at the end of the day by a man dressed in the Afghanistan Army uniform.
Three soldiers from the 3rd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment were killed at a forward patrol base in Oruzgan province yesterday by a rogue Afghan soldier who fled the scene. A hunt is underway for the gunman, who opened fire on the Diggers from close range.
The repost has it wrong. They are not from 3RAR. Later in the report it states;
The first soldier was a 40-year-old Lance Corporal posted to the 2nd/14th Light Horse Regiment Queensland Mounted Infantry. He was on his second tour to Afghanistan and had previously deployed to Iraq. The second soldier was a 23-year-old Private posted to the 6th Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment. The third soldier was a 21-year-old Sapper posted to the 2nd Combat Engineer Regiment. All three soldiers were based at Gallipoli Barracks in Brisbane.
The second two, listed as special forces, were killed when the chopper they were riding in crashed on landing.


  • I posted this on 1735099 having read his latest theorising on Bue on Green. I have a feeling he will not publish.

    “Picture this Bob…..Thirty blokes who have followed the safety procedure you state was used in Vietnam sitting around the boozer having a quiet VB and stacking the empties on a table. Weapons are outside in the weapons rack, mags in pockets. Rogue gunman enters boozer with weapon loaded and ready for use….how many survivors do you think you would be treating after he emptied a thirty round mag into the crowd.
    Or thirty men having followed your rules are walking back to their lines when a rogue steps out from behind the shitter with his weapon firing. How many would load their mags, cock the weapon they were obliged to carry everywhere and return fire before a number of them had been killed or wounded. Or picture six or eight blokes sitting around with a “friendly” having a chat, all members in possession of unload weapons. The “friendly” decides for reasons best known to himself stands, turns away, loads the mag and as he turns flips the safety to fire and lets loose thirty rounds in close proximity. No prior warning and no time to react, absolute surprise and shock would add seconds to any reaction time and the result is inevitable.
    I in no way claim to know what happened and neither should you you.
    Your dreamtime theorising is in line with your apparent dislike of all things military and in no way respects the fallen.”

    Perhaps I’M becoming a bit “touchy feely”.

  • John Van Krimpen

    At least the MSM is sorting it out today, it’s all black and white stuff asking questions that should be asked.

    From what I can read they are not making the diggers the meat in the sandwich.

    The casualties and their families are being treated with respect and the questioning germaine to mission goals and the real politik of US alliance discussed out in the open.

    Seems diggers are the good guys in the story as they have been a long time now.

    One of the few times I can’t do a cranky nah nah about the MSM.

    It’s a grown up discussion about a life and death issue.

    Lest we forget.

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