Defence role changing?

AT least 1000 Australian military personnel will be home from Afghanistan by Christmas.

Defence Minister Stephen Smith and Australian Defence Force chief David Hurley announced today that the big coalition base at Tarin Kowt, in Oruzgan Province, where most the 1650-strong Australian force is located, will be handed over to the Afghan National Army by the end of 2013.

Which is just as well as apparently defence will lose it’s emphasis on defending the realm and switch over to defending against demons conjured up by The Greens and assorted useful idiots

THE Australian Defence Force must pay much more attention to a future role dealing with the impact of climate change at home and in the region, a key think tank has warned.

So after Gillard’s gutting of defence budgets to dangerous levels, the Australian Strategic Policy Institute throw this suggestion into the mix.  I would think that by the time Abbott has Defence back on target we will have an entirely new view on AGW. It has always been one of Defence’s roles to give aid to the civil community so I can’t imagine anything coming up that they can’t handle without appointing “Green” Generals to advise the government. There is a .pdf at this link


  • Thought I was seeing things when I read this yesterday.  Incredible, but frightening that this sort of nonsense is taken seriously and, worst of all, will probably be acted upon.  Won’t go on – trying to keep BP in check…!

    • We can only hope that nothing is actioned in the next 6 months.  I think we are safe there with Gillard having a host of other problems to sort before then.  

  • Personally I’m a big believer in National Service for all able-bodied persons who would otherwise qualify for Military service.  Train em up for service and fill the Corps according to requirements and numbers and the rest should be trained for service on the home front…, emergency services etc.  Then when and if required… them into service.  The Boy Scouts had the right motto.

    • Hell no!! Bob. I could go on about the impact on the private sector and much more. But the obvious fault in your  program is exposed in Kev’s post. It would end up less practical and more to do with social  engineering under the likes of the PM/greens.

      • Gary, old mate I didn’t mean employ the trainees in emergency services.  The aim is to have what would be men and women trained to carry out critical tasks during a disaster or even a motor vehicle accident or something like a drowning… to take on a minor leadership role and carry out first aid instead of looking on and taking photos.  In the event of a national military requirement, retraining would be quicker and through identified skills during the initial training phase (nashos) corp allocations could be noted and then filled as required much quicker than beginning from scratch.  Its much more about learning practical life skills and being of value to the wider community.  No need to concern yourself with my thoughts though, Labor/Greens will not reintroduce conscription as long as arseholes point to the ground.  The way things are going you had better learn to like eating rice, before it becomes mandatory.  A mate from the 70s whowas born to parents who were missionaries in China is responsible for that advice, and I haven’t seen anything to indicate that it wasn’t good advice.

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