Thomson “Good man” but depressed

"My husband is a good man" according to the current Mrs Thomson which makes me wonder what the previous Mrs Thomson thinks. Christa Thomson was still married to him when he was on a spending spree booking whores, porn, booze and travel up to the HSU membership. He is claiming depression from the break-up of his marriage to Christa caused him to seek solace elsewhere however he also claims Christa was with him at times when is accused of consorting with the ladies. Magistrate Charlie Rozencwajg doesn't seem to be impressed with Thomsons depression plea.
"I've never met anyone who's not depressed at the prospect of going to jail" he said, as Thomson's QC passed up the magic report.
Thomson had agreed to repay the HSU the $24,538.42 he embezzled with union-issued credit cards and a Flight Centre account. $24,538.42! What about $389,000 of union money spent on getting himself elected to Parliament. The thousand-page report by Fair Work Australia, made public this week, paints a fascinating picture of a man prepared to lie about the more than $250,000 of union funds he spent on trips, holidays with his ex-wife, an airfare for his brother's girlfriend, wining and dining, and even prostitutes. Every cent of that spending - even the 14 airfares for his ex-wife - was legitimate, Thomson told FWA. Except for the prostitutes, of course. Craig's world is described here Michael Smith has good coverage and well worth the time to read The saga is nearly over and, I hope, it will end with Thomson's incarceration.

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