The PUP has rabies

Clive Palmer on the Chinese on Q & A
“I’m saying that because they’re communist, because they shoot their own people, they haven’t got a justice system and they want to take over this country.
He then tries to backtrack on Twitter this morning;
My #qanda comments not intended to refer to Chinese people but to Chinese company which is taking Australian resources & not paying #auspol
Ah, so it’s Chinese companies that shoot their own people. Who’d have thought it? Senator Corporal Lambie pitches in with her idea of diplomacy;
“If anybody thinks that we should have a national security and defence policy, which ignores the threat of a Chinese Communist invasion — you’re delusional and got rocks in your head,”
This is serious stuff. These people hold the balance of power and until they are gone or neutralized Australia is in danger. They exhibit a tyotal lack of consistency, swaying every which way on how they will support or not support the budget and people are saying Hockey isn’t doing a good job. What is he to do with these mental lightwieghts sitting in the Senate? From day one Palmer showed his standards by saying he will support getting rid ofthe Carbon Tax so long as it is backdated. A move that would have saved his company millions of dollars. He is now using his position as an MP to attack the Chinese company who are asking serious questions about 12 Million dollars Palmer is supposed to have rorted from business accounts to run his campaign for election. What is there to like about the man? He is coming across as a ethically challenged businessman and poltician and is doing serious damage to Australia’s economy and reputation with a major trading partner. What were the voters of Fairfax thinking – or were they?


  • Clive Palmer (and Jacqui Lambie) are saying the same things about the Communist Chinese now, as Bob Menzies was saying in the mid sixties –

    Bob Menzies was the one with rabies back then, and as a result 521 Australians died, thousands were wounded, and many more carry the psychic wounds to this day.

    The Right has a great deal to answer for in our recent history – Palmer is simply the most recent and bizarre manifestation……….

    • Mate, you need to occassionally edit your “I hate Libs Comment Generator” before you press Submit as this one is seriously stupid. There was good reason to worry about the Chinese in Menzies time as they were at war with the West. Remember Korea and Vietnam? Palmer and Lambie are not of the Right – they are serious wack jobs. His motivation is money and she just repeats something she heard in the soldiers boozer one night when she was drunk.
      To draw a comparison between them and Menzies is drawing such a long bow that no man born could do it.

    • Wow. the stupid just got turned up to 11.

      China hasn’t changed one iota since Menzies time has it numbers? not trading on a massive scale with the west, Chinese people are not travelling outside China and seeing the free world, and China is still conducting and supporting combat operations against the west.

      So a concern about China then is exactly as relevant as one is today.

      Lambie and Clive are morons, but you numbers are a gold plated fuckwit who never seems to get tired of being the dumbest man in the room, most people would be too ashamed to admit to such idiocy in public, but you seem determined to exhibit it at every opportunity. Numbers what makes someone crave attention so much that they are prepared to humiliate themselves just to get it?

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