Bloody Greens

New Qld Environment Minister Steven Miles wants to review the program to make sure public safety is balanced with sustainability.”
What I want the review to look at is the criteria by which those decisions are made and whether that appropriately balances sustainability of the species with public safety,” he told ABC radio.”It could well be that a scientific survey will determine that that is an appropriate number or that it’s too high or too low. That’s the purpose of the review.”
Obviously a Greenie. From the Australian government Dept of Environment
The total Australian population is currently estimated to be approximately 100 000, although some authors estimate the population is even higher; between 100 000 and 200 000 (Fukuda et al. 2007). The findings of a 10 year survey on the distribution and abundance of the Salt-water Crocodile in Queensland have been summarised by Read and colleagues (2004):
So far this year 4 crocodiles have been moved in the Cairns area.  That’s 4 and they are moved, not euthanized, so they continue to contribute to the sustainability of their species. Unlike the Greens.


  • That’s known as incitement…..wait for the inevitable counter attack from Ms 1735099, the ex headmaster, red flag bearer who votes Greens, aka watermelon.

  • Obviously a Greenie.

    Maybe not.

    Maybe he’s simply trying to get the best information on an issue before making decisions rather than pandering to fear and hysteria.

    This would make a change in Queensland, what with VLAD laws, waiting lists for waiting lists, and increasing unemployment by sacking beaucoup public servants on the basis of a discredited ideology.

    • You don’t get it, do you? He is talking about sustainability of a species that numbers in their hundreds of thousands when single numbers of them are removed to stop them eating people. The relocation of the crocs doesn’t neuter them, it just puts them in a another place.
      Typical Greenie…putting the sustainability of a decidedly not threatened species over human life.

  • Typical Greenie…putting the sustainability of a decidedly not threatened species over human life.

    The last thing you need to worry about in FNQ is being taken by a croc.

    There have been three fatals in Queensland (Lakefield National Park, Endeavour River and Daintree River) in the last ten years –

    Compare that with statistics on say, domestic violence –

    If human life is the real issue, consider that during the period 2006 –2012 there was an average of 23 deaths a year in Queensland linked to domestic and family violence – and that this figure equaled 44% of the state’s homicides for that period. Do the maths – that’s 138 deaths. Crocs are a non-problem in comparison.

    Salties are not a threat unless you’re drunk or stupid. Mind you, alcohol and stupidity are also major factors in domestic violence. Ask any copper or Ambo.

    Whatever happened to “personal responsibility” so often bandied about by the Right?

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