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All the media in Australia claim Clinton won the first debate.  Meanwhile, in the US, polls are telling a different story.
Trump is fast turning into prohibition. The more the establishment and media keep railing against him, the stronger he gets and the more people want to vote for him. The more people are told that ‘Hillary definitely won’, the more inclined they are to say Trump – even if purely out of spite. This is what happens when you play the man and not the policy, treat people as if they were idiots and smash them with obviously rehearsed sound bites and impractical, pious ideology.
The MSM and PC crowd are panicking and as they react he keeps gaining. Keep it up guys, the people will decide, not you. Just in case you think the above link is a setup check here at the Washington Times

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  • The debate will make no difference except to confirm that Trump is a psychopath and Clinton a rehearsed spokesperson for the Dem establishment. But then, we knew that…..
    What is bizarre is the claim that the elections are “democracy” in action.
    Almost half the registered voters can’t be stuffed showing up, based on figures for the last time (2012) –
    It’s government of the people, for the people, by (some) of the people.
    If there was any fairness, Aussies would be allowed an optional vote, because what happens across the Pacific has a major influence on our quality of life here. Under Coalition governments our foreign policy is determined in Washington (reference Vietnam, Iraq & Afghanistan).
    The GFC (which personally cost me over $80000 through investment losses was the consequence of a failure of regulation in the US financial system, largely a result of a succession of gutless administrations (Dem & GOP) who won’t take on the corporate establishment.
    If Trump gets in, you can kiss your arse good bye.

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