ACT van bomb

The Australian Christian Lobby is at odds with police over a car- bomb that has shaken the advocacy group and damaged its Canberra headquarters, declaring that claims the blast was not politically, religiously or ideologically motivated do not add up.

I thought the Police were a bit quick to say that the fact the van exploded outside the ACL offices was simply a coincidence.

Surrounded by shattered glass, ash and burnt rubber, ACL managing director Lyle Shelton described the scene as a bomb site and said the “deliberate” targeting of his organisation came on the back of death and ­violence threats by anonymous callers and “well-known gay ­activists”.

Time will tell of course but I wonder whether the police have been a bit quick to make that assessment based on the words of a man who had just undergone a traumatic explosion and could be seen as confused and not necessarily a reliable witness.

If so, why.  What is the police agenda?


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  • Doubt he’s a suicide bomber. See the open mesh grille – that’s intended to protect him from fire, a blast or man made van warming. A Green for sure.

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