Scientists hail climate change and evolution, at a stretch

Australia’s wild parrots, which are increasingly being exposed to some of the world’s highest temperatures, have evolved to grow longer wings to cope with the extra heat.

What extra heat?

Scientists at the University of Notre Dame Australia have found that the wings of ringneck parrots, which live in Western Australia, have grown by 4-5mm over the past 45 years.

Researchers claim the adaptation means the birds, commonly called 28s after their whistled “twen-ty-eight” call, have adapted so they can shed more heat when they fly.

Yeah right!

These parrots have a life span of up to 50 years and commonly live 20 to 30 years thus they have supposedly evolved over one generation.

Darwin would be amused.



  • Syl and I had a good laugh at this one Kev. We were just wondering if the bird they measured could have been one of those that had been flattened on the road….

  • In The Australian of 17 Jan, Professor Judith Sloan wrote that the Queensland government plans to reduce emissions by producing 50% of the state’s power requirements from renewables by 2050. By 2020 the Commonwealth government aims to reduce Australia’s year 2000 CO2 levels by 5%. Meanwhile we have a claim that climate change is responsible for an increase in the wingspan of a certain parrot. That claim can be added to the claims at

    Man made emissions are thought to make up about 3% of the total CO2 in the atmosphere and Australia is thought to contribute about 1.5% of that 3%. To illustrate, if we assume worldwide concentration of atmospheric CO2 is 1000ml (or one litre), man’s contribution is about 30ml and our contribution to that is about .45ml – or a tiny dot measuring 1mm X 1mm X .45mm. However, the Commonwealth plans to reduce this by about .02ml so our total emissions will be about .43ml. In other words the aim is to reduce a tiny dot by much less than the tiniest flyspeck.

    For this, we will further damage the economy, while discomforting the population and exporting or wrecking more industry.

    One has to wonder which is the most poisonous; the ideology of Islam or the ideology of man made global warming/climate change. Both seem as lunatic and as saturated with woo-woo as the other.

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