DVA ‘Woke’ Letterhead

I don’t have an issue with DVA but this came to my notice and I do have an issue with this type of woke rubbish.

The Veterans, the reason the department exists, gets a throw-away line at the end of paragraph.

Just to save you the trouble of looking it up, the last flag on the right is the ‘trans pride’ flag.  It’s hard to think of a woke meme these bureaucrats have overlooked.  All that is lacking is the writer’s pronouns. 

From a Quadrant article by Peter O’Brien

Ukraine – some history

Ukraine brought the Russian attack on itself by poking the bear in its eyes repeatedly since the 2014 coup. Yet now its leader has the gall to petition the US Congress to start WWII via standing-up a No Fly Zone in lieu of the obvious solution: Namely, Zelensky should resign and make way for a collaborationist government that will sue for peace on the following basis:

  • Recognize that Crimea is Russian territory and always has been since it was purchased by Catherine the Great in 1783;
  • Permit the separation of the Donbass Republics from Ukraine because the overwhelmingly Russian speaking populations there has been part of “New Russia” for more than 300 years and do not wish to be ruled by the anti-Russian fascists and oligarchs who control Kiev;
  • Amend the constitution of the rump state of Ukraine to prohibit its joining NATO or any similar western alliance, while reducing its military to a domestic law enforcement agency.


More here https://original.antiwar.com/David_Stockman/2022/03/18/pearl-harbor-my-eye/

Weird US Democrats

Buttigieg is literally why we cannot have nice things

The nation’s (USA) chain of supplies is a mess because ships cannot unload their goods at ports in California. They cannot unload because the trucks aren’t there. The trucks aren’t there because the EPA banned most of them last October.


Meanwhile, the man who should be tending matters is on a vacation that began in August. After just six months on the job, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has taken a two-month vacation so he and his husband can enjoy the twins they adopted.

Now there’s some weird shit right there.

Just love those Democrats working studiously on stuffing up the economy

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The Brain

The plasticity of the human brain. An answer to my eternal question “why do we dream?” and a lot more.  nearly 40 minutes but set the time aside – it’s worth it.


The truth about Afghan Women

We did the wrong thing, perhaps for the right reason. We wanted to develop that country and rescue Afghan women. Their lives were hellish, girls banned from school, women forbidden to leave their homes except in the company of a male guardian, vigilantes beating them with sticks if their burqa was too short. We wanted them to enjoy the pleasures of modernity and live full, happy lives.


Along with the rest of that failed nation-building venture, we got this part wrong too. And now, instead of recalibrating, we are full speed ahead compounding the harm.

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From the land of the long white teeth cloud

New Zealand’s Trade Minister has called on Australia to show respect and a “little more” diplomacy towards China, in an extraordinary intervention in the year-long Beijing-Canberra dispute from a fellow Five Eyes security and intelligence partner.


Keep it up NZ and it’ll be Four Eyes. You really shouldn’t take the communists side against your long time family.


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