I’m happy John

Clearly the FTA will be of great benefit to Australia. How do I know this? Well Margot Kingston says it won’t be good and Latham is squaring up for a shit fight with his left-wing contingent at his Caucus meeting. As well, I just saw Bob Brown delivering another stunningly erudite statement about Latham giving in to Howard and Bush. That clinches it! Don’t have to be an economist to work out what is good for the country – just watch the left’s vote and go against it Bound to work

Straight to the Point

This letter from Barry Kennaugh from Claremont, WA to the Editor of the Australian.
BODY Bag Bush certainly has little Johnnie finger-tamed and marching in step to the battle hymn of his republic. Never thought I would see such stupidity twice in my lifetime: all the way with LBJ to Vietnam destroyed so many of my friends’ families and killed over 3 million Vietnamese, it’s time once again for every Australian to stop and think before we all turn into polyester Americans.
Body Bag Bush! Wow! What would this guy call Joe Stalin or Mao Tse Dung. Heroes, I suspect. I guess Barry would rather we all turn into polyester socialists.

Minister for Damage Control busy

Kevin Rudd: White House ‘would welcome’ PM Latham. Well he would say that, wouldn’t he? Poor Kevin Rudd is kept very busy in his Damage Control portfolio trying to keep one step ahead of Latham’s utterings. Clearly if we have a Latham government and a Bush administration the US Australian relationship will not disintegrate-after all it survived Whitlam. But it’s not going to be very friendly. Politics will force Bush to ignore Latham’s outbursts but behind closed doors, in the oval office, Latham will simply be treated as an embarrassing relative. Everyone will simply wait politely while he says his piece and then get on with the real issues the moment he leaves.
“I haven’t picked up anything in Washington which would suggest that Mark Latham would not be welcomed to the White House as any other previous Australian prime minister,” he said.
Then you didn’t ask the right people.
Wendy Sherman, a foreign policy adviser to Democrat presidential candidate John Kerry, told Insiders the White House had been heavy-handed in its criticism of Mr Latham. “I don’t think we would be very happy if prime ministers from other countries got in the middle of our internal politics, our domestic politics,” she said.
Then you should be prepare to be very unhappy. If Latham gets the nod it will happen. We know it’s what he believes and he can’t keep a check on his tongue and a muzzle on the Left forever. If Armitage and Bush are playing politics then so is Wendy Sherman. The problem is, the Minister for Damage Control has had to visit the US and solicit support for an anti-US aspiring PM and quote the support, such as it is, to try and calm down an electorate that wonders how Latham is going to be strong enough to carry all his baggage into the Lodge.

Garrett Trooper

Garrett for preselection. Anti-US, anti-Australian, anti-capitalism, anti-politics (doesn’t vote) and anti-truth (says he did vote). Yep. Good choice. Carmen of Amnsesia will be thrilled. It seems both Latham and Howard are happy about Garrett joining the ALP. It occurs to me that only Howard realizes why. As an aside, I recall during the Vietnam war the US troops had an expression Garrett Trooper. He was the guy with spit polished boots and clean fatigues that never left the base. Never at risk, never responsible for his decisions, always looking good and then went home and claimed heroic actions anyway. From Garret or Garrett…an old military word for Barracks Can any US Vietnam Vets confirm this? A Barry Sadlier ballad springs to mind. Whatever, for me he will always be the Garrett Trooper, all spit polish and no substance.

AMWU predicts disaster for Australia

The Australian Manufacturing Workers Union maintain that the FTA currently being debated and due for implimentation by January 05 will cost the Australian economy almost $50 billion and up to 200,000 jobs. I think a closer look at the Terms of Enquiry for the study would tell us that National Institute of Economic and Industry Research (NIEIR) were told to look into the ramifications of a Latham/Crean government getting hold of the keys to the Treasury. Thats the only event that could cost this country so much money and so many jobs. Still, go and read it and try and work out there maths. I can’t.

Social Engineering – ABC style

Imre Salusinszky has the best take on Play School trying to change the world order with their insane alternative life-style presentation of a lesbian couple with an immaculately conceived child being presented as normal.
George: Hello? Welcome to George’s Needle Exchange! Can I help you? Monica: Yes please! Big Ted has used up all his needles. And because he used an infected needle, he has a sore on his arm. George: Oh dear! Better go down to emergency and have that fixed up! Monica: We’re on our way there right now. And we have some storybooks to read while we wait ? 100 storybooks, in fact, because we know there will be so many infected bears waiting in front of Big Ted to see the doctor. George: Oh dear. Well, you give me those needles, Big Ted, and here are five clean ones to make sure you don’t get sick again. Monica: Thanks Mr Needle Exchange. Big Ted will be much happier now that he has clean needles.
Well, I think it’s funny. Go read if you haven’t already done so

Latham returns Bush’s Iraq fire

Maybe, but he’s only firing blanks. I’m going to enjoy the caterwauling from the left as they go ballistic about Bush’s answer to a loaded question from an Australian journalist. I thought Bush was fairly reserved considering that Latham had personally insulted him with his “the most incompetent and dangerous president in living memory” statement some months ago. ‘Bomber’ Beasley drops a bomb on the wrong camp with his;
… “The alliance means we work with all sides of US politics. I think the same should apply in reverse.”
Good point, Bomber. What about telling Latham that he should work with all sides of US politics and not call Bush incompetant and his Australian political allies suckholes and arselickers Both sides mate.

Big Deal

After several months of trying to implicate Howard in the Abu Ghaib Left Wing Extravaganza the Howard haters think they have a victory and that Australia cares. Australian reader Arthur Scotsdale puts the episode into perspective when he says;
SO now the big issue is when Prime Minister John Howard first learned of the prisoner abuse scandal at Abu Ghraib. Fine. But could we also please be told when he first learned that Kennedy had been assassinated? And could he come clean and tell us when he first learned how babies are made? These questions are all of approximately equal relevance to the price of fish, or anything else.

Backdoor Polls

Over at Back Pages, when the polls say Latham is ahead all discussion and comments are about the joy of Australia without Horrible Howard. Conversely, when the polls suggest Howard is ahead all discussion and comments are about how the polls are wrong. Uptrend, outlier, blah blah blah. They’re only polls and shouldn’t be treated so seriously but if Back Pages devotees want a hint as to why the voters appear to be dropping Latham they might go here and take a quick refresher course. Via Tim Blair

Howard on a winning streak

Never thought there could be so much hatred in just one person. Over at Backpage Christopher Sheil holds nothing back.
Let’s be honest. Apart from his wife, no-one, and I mean no-one, likes John Howard. Underneath, almost all Australians hate John Howard.
Makes me wonder who it is that keeps voting him back in. Observa leaves a comment;
Crikey! What a mess this country’s in. With this heinous fiend in command, it’s a wonder you lot haven’t sought asylum overseas, or made a run for dictator yourselves. If you do ship out, you just might notice a bloody great queue to get in and be tyrranised.
I’m of the opinion that the measure of Howards success is directly proportional to amount of hate he generates in the loony left. Seems he’s doing well.
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