Environment issues vital to poll

Queensland Poll date announced. The Premier has called us Queenslanders together to vote on 9 Spetember and the Greens PR machine swings into gear. I acknowledge that environmental issues are important to a few greenies but the rest of us would like too see something done about water and health. The Greens want us to stop mining that actually is understaking the state's development and of course the lungfish has been hoisted up the evolutionary feed chain to take on more importance than us humans. Can't build a dam here..It's a lungfish habitat they say and I say...can't the lungfish simply swim on over to the edge of a dam and go walkabout like all good lungfish do? It is so predictable - government announces a plan to construct something, almost anything, and the greenies trip over themselves finding some small animal, insect or fish in the vicinity.
“We need to understand that increasing our reliance on coal and building more dams (such as the proposed Traveston Dam), is simply killing Queensland.”

One comment

  • Interesting to note that both Stradbroke Island and Moreton Island have abundant ground water and in fact Moreton claims to have enough water to supply a city the size of Brisbane for about 7 years.

    According to university study extracting water from these sources is not considered on ecological grounds. Probably upset a few fish putting in the underwater pipeline. Instead we humans can drink secondhand water and some are forced to give up their homes and family heritage to build dams that will not supply water for years, and then only if it rains in a convenient location for a period sufficient to supply water to fill the dams.

    Now, lets see, where are we humans in the scheme of things? I am sure the fish wouldn’t give it a second thought.

    I am not a tree hugger, vegetarian, or ecologist, obviously……I just wonder when people with a realistic outlook get to make decisions.