On Leave

Today I commence a journey to Kampot in Cambodia with a view to help bed in a programme that will eventually see a small local village become self sufficient. More on the project after I spend some time on-site. I am looking forward to this weekend in old Bangkok where I spent time during the Vietnam war. Should be fun but not too much fun if you get my drift.

Monday we fly on to Pnom Penh and then to Kampot. I will hopefully be able to blog from there with my take on Cambodia with pics and details of the project. In the new year I will set up a website to publicise and help gain support for the project. Those old South East Asian hands who spent their younger days blowing this part of the world to pieces may consider putting up their hands to help rebuild a small part of a nation shattered by communism. There is more than one way to fight the bastards even if it is remedial rather than preemptive.

Must go…plane to catch.


  • have a safe trip dad!

    love stu and jane

  • Yeah, I second that too you guys.

    Dunno what this program is Kev, but I’m sure a lot of us old fat veterans could help out people in need again.

    I look forward to hearing all about it on your return.

    Have you got any of those Irish mine detector blokes working for you Kev?

  • Marvellous idea Kev. Good luck and stay safe.