That’s alright then

Listening to the ABC on the way home last night to hear that Rudd had met with the leaders of Mongolia, Cyprus and some other already forgotten country. Well, that’s alright then, I thought. I can relax and sleep soundly knowing that my leader is treading the world’s stage and looking after our interests. Meeting with the big guys…that’s my man. Meanwhile, in Australia, the Brotherhood of St Lawrence have come up with an insane plan to spend 11.2 billion dollars on their version of a carbon pollution reduction scheme. The welfare lobby is urging Labor to set aside $11.2billion of its proposed compensation fund to refit 3.5million households with energy-saving devices, from light bulbs and shower heads to ceiling insulation and new refrigerators.
In some cases, a grant of up to $6000 may be available. It is expected this would cover the installation of gas systems or air conditioning in some disadvantaged suburbs and regional or remote areas.
I’ve always considered these items a personal matter. For example, my wife and I couldn’t even consider airconditioning the house until the kids had left home and we had some spare cash. That took 30 years and now I find some do-good mob are suggesting my taxes pay for someone else to get it free in the name of global warming. That’s not alright, that’s Insane!