Penny Wong not wong enough

MORE than 60 community climate groups have written an open letter to Climate Change Minister Penny Wong demanding the federal government toughen its stance on greenhouse emissions. The letter calls on the government to scrap its planned emissions trading scheme because its 5-15 per cent 2020 reduction target is “appallingly low”. It also says there’s nothing in the government’s policy to encourage individuals to reduce emissions, because if they do it’ll give a free pass to big emitters to do nothing.
“By locking in a low target now, Australia will effectively undermine the Copenhagen UN climate process in December, betraying not only the Australian people in its duty of care, but also people and nations across the globe,” the letter from Climate Action Groups states.
It’ll be line ball about now as to how many Australian people will feel betrayed if Penny Wrong does keep up her ideological stand on Climate Change and how many will be happy if she doesn’t. Me? I think the Government’s approach to Climate Change needs to be revisited in light of conflicting information from reliable sources and given the current state of the economy. Lets save Australia now and sort out the world when we have time to really consider all of our options. Googling Climate Action Groups comes up with a huge mob of radical Chicken Little advocates who will take no prisoners and will only be happy when Industry is crushed and our economy stalled. Of course Nuclear power is not up for debate and some are busy drumming up support to close down Newcastle in a People’s Blockade of the World’s Biggest Coal Port on 21 March 2009. Close down a major port for a day – there that should do it! Idiots!

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