Price: ABC not biased

According to Mat Price in this mornings Australian ABC bias did not rate with viewers. Well Haleleula- if they’re viewers, by definition they will not see bias. As Tim Blair said some time ago the proof that the ABC is biased is that you never hear the left say so. 32 column centimetres of confusing stats wasted on a ‘given’. I’ve generally given up watching the ABC as although they do have some quality shows, wherever they can they will present a political view and it is always left wing. Even when I do occassionally watch the SieveX reinactments and anti Bush/Howard/Iraq War/poor refugee shows I would never feel like making a pointless ‘doomed to failure’ complaint – I’ve already wasted too much time. There were 147 complaints of anti US bias and 144 claiming the ABC was favouring the US. As the statistical base is comprised of centrist to left wings of the Labour party or people who have no political thoughts at all then it has no meaning. Meaningless Matt! Like your comments on the Governor General.