The Greens

I’ve had little time of late to blog on the Brown/Nettle sideshow what with kids, Legacy, other websites, World Cup Rugby, a trip to day surgery and general laziness but there are things that need saying. The Australian headlines Greens more Nazi than ratbag: Lib I’m not sure I’d go as far as to give them the credit of being as organized as the Nazis but he has a point. It has always been my contention that the Greens were conceived behind the rubble of the Berlin Wall. I can see the parents viewing all the deleriously happy East Germans and wondering…where to go? How else can we attack capitalism now that Communism had been outed. A bottle of cheap vodka and the depression of seeing all those fools, unable to understand the wisdom of communism and the scene was set. Andrew Bolte puts more flesh on my words when he calls Bob Brown a dangerous fanatic I’ve always subscribed to Freedom of Speech and even signed up for the war against communism as part of my subscription fees but of late I been thinking the right needs refining. The fools of the world need to be yarded in one locality…the rabble on the streets at Canberra spring to mind, and kept out of other paddocks. Comment of the night on the ABC 7.30 report from some old geezer who’d driven down from Young to see the prez; “look at these clowns- they need a bath, and this idiot over here has a bath-ring in his nose; he can’t blow it, and there’s snot running down his face- what a dickhead”. These sort of people. This is the correct venue for Brown and Nettle. Niall gives them creditablity in this comment. Whether Bush likes free speech or not is irrelevent. The fact remains that here in Oz, we allow it, whereas where he hails from, you’re marginalised for doing so. Power & plaudits to Brown and Nettle for standing up to their convictions. Brickbats to those who voiced doubts but failed to be recognised. At least some have the guts and gumption to be seen to be real Australians. With freedom of speech there are some social limits as in not saying f***k to your grandmother and this is where the children of the couple behind the rubble of the Berlin Wall get lost. It’s not guts or gumption to be socially inept – it’s just plain socially immature and if Niall’s point that we need to be thus to be real Australians then that is how we will be seen in the world. Socially immature.