cop15 As Greenie royalty and Elders of the Church of the Latter Day Alarmists gather in Copenhagen the media is awash with articles and programmes designed to panic us mortals into believing the world has an immediate problem and we had better all convert and start singing hymns of praise or surely Armageddon will follow. Al Gore was on Letterman, a documentary on CH 9 had mandatory video of the spring thaw to prove that global warming was real and about to kill us all while Tony and Leigh on Lateline display their fully paid up status as ‘front pew’ members of the church. I recently had very bad experience. I was traveling across the Nullabor Plains and when I left the western edge it was obvious that Turnbull’s days were numbered and the last report I had was Joe Hockey was a front runner to replace him. Now I don’t mind Joe but he is from the same ‘wet’ mold as Turnbull and his ascension would be a case of ‘same difference’. It took me two days to get to Ceduna in SA, the first town where I could buy The Australian Hallelulia! my country had escaped a bullet. Tony had the call and called it immediately – no ETS! Rudd had Turnbull by the short and curlies to the extent that he was going to support the ETS without understanding it. Rudd was trying to force it through the Senate to give him credibilty at Copenhagen without having explained the ramifications of the bill to the populace, the Opposition, the Senate or half his own party and definitely without any debate. I was amused to read that Rudd was quoted as saying the heat waves at Sydney at the time were a result of Global Warming. Such statement smacks of desperation – an outright lie but some may swallow it. The ETS is buried and now, and only now, we may have a debate on Climate Change and the best way to handle it. The Coalition is a conservative party so no good was ever going to come of moderate leaders. Since the last election all the conservatives in Australia, and there are millions of us, were not represented in the Parliament. Much was made of the latest polls and the two by-elections but those two events were very much in the early days of Tony Abbott’s chairmanship and thus are only a very brief glimpse into where we are heading. Some pundits even suggested the by-elections would be a vote for the ETS and AGW. If they were, then the people have spoken and they have said they are more worried about the ETS than Global Warming and we would like to think about it some more. I did however take heart from Radio National pre-election propaganda as I traveled over the Hay Plains. All doom and gloom for the Libs as obviously the voters were going to beat them up and throw them out what with the Party having the temerity to elect Tony as leader. The Greens were quoted every 15 minutes on how the Libs had killed their chances and pundits were busy tallying up the Greens potential gain. Never happened as I knew it wouldn’t but the next morning the ABC were full of “despite predictions, polls and the fact that Abbott is a conservative” amazingly they were reelected with snatches of Bob Brown saying what a good result it was for the Greens. Yeah, right Bob.


  • Kev

    I’ll agree that a lot of bullshit has been talked about AGW from both sides.

    Having said that, I can never accept that it’s a global conspiracy (as suggested by Nick Minchin) given that the scientific community (of which some of my family are members) have been warning about the phenomenon for decades. It’s only in the last 20 years that governments (of all persuasions from all over the world) have begun to take action.

    My wife and I lost our firstborn child (a daughter), in 1982. The post-mortem indicated that she died of an aneurism that was a result of a congenital defect. The reason for the defect was never established, but studies of the children of Vietnam Veterans contain some very convincing statistics.

    See –

    This experience, by itself, is a powerful personal motivator to support planned and dogged action by individuals and government to maintain our planet as a viable life source for future generations.

    I’ve returned to Vietnam on a number of occasions in the last few years and seen vast swathes of the countryside that still haven’t recovered from chemical defoliation after forty years. I’ve visited Vietnamese institutions for people with disabilities and have been staggered and horrified by the extent and number of these congenital malformations.

    Vietnam has one of the highest incidence rates of these malformations on the planet.

    I’ve seen convincing evidence of high rates of deformities (especially spina bifida and talipes) in cotton growing areas such as St George.

    The use of defoliants like agent orange and other poorly-understood chemicals remains an example of utter contempt of the natural environment. This “up the guts” mindset continues today in the attitude many of the sceptics. It is arrogant, totalitarian and basically suicidal.

    These people can commit to future infanticide if they wish, but I have no intention of joining them. I would have have thought that somewhere in the word “conservative” is contained a meaning which has a strong comment on the sanctity of human life.

    The issue should be above politics. Both Rudd and Abbott should be condemned for attempting to gain political mileage from it – it’s simply too important. At least there is a possibility that a global censusus will be reached at Copenhagen. If it is, it will probably be the first time in human history that people of all creeds races, and value systems have united on something. Call me naive, but I feel encouraged by this possibility.

    Prudential risk management is called for. The stakes are as high as they can get.

  • 17
    AGW and Agent Orange comparison is a very long bow to draw.

  • The UN valiantly tries to ‘hide the decline’ in the credibility of ‘climate scientists’ at the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) and other climate research units implicated in the ‘Climate-Gate’ email scandal. The CRU whistleblower, a person so disgusted by the corruption at the heart of climate science he/she is prepared to risk career and prosecution, revealed material CRU thought it had hidden forever from public view.

    The documents confirm members of CRU and other organisations blatantly corrupted the peer review process, bullied science journal editors, destroyed data in order to avoid lawful FOI requests and as members of the IPCC conspired to prevent papers proposing theories at odds with the CO2 driven warming orthodoxy being considered.

    The whistleblower also revealed source code for several of CRU’s computer programs which have been ‘tricked up’ to show warming where none is evident from the raw data. The code is amateurishly written and filled with programming errors which discard data randomly and apply corrections to corrections on top of ‘fudge factors’.

    The UN claims independent temperature records agree with CRU. This isn’t a surprise, along with CRU’s director, the directors of the other two groups which compile and analyse surface temperature records, NCDC and GISS, have been implicated by their Climate-Gate emails to each other in the suppression of biases and uncertainties in the IPCC’s assessment of surface records.

    All the surface data sets are inextricably linked and hence are all contaminated and unreliable. The CRU emails and code show how surface data was ‘fudged’ to maximise current warming and minimise past climate changes. The satellite records were calibrated using the corrupted surface records.

    Basic physics tells us a doubling of current CO2 levels will alter the balance between incoming and outgoing radiation by 2%, which implies a warming of a few tenths of a degree, not the alarmist predictions of up to six degrees. These claims are projections from incompetent models built on multiple climate guesses and CRU’s inaccurate long term temperature records.

    The so-called science behind the current CO2 warming theory has never been more in doubt. Even the usually global warming alarmist UK Meteorological Office has announced it will re-examine it’s 160 years of temperature data because it has been compromised by CRU’s ‘tricks’.

    And using this crock Rudd was attempting to impose a tax on everything which would have been more far reaching than the GST.

    Abbott saved us from an ideological bullet loaded by Rudd and Wong and fired at the heart of Australia’s economy.

  • You’re an intelligent man Bob, just step back a little from the emotion and think about some topics more rationally.

    I often wonder how you coped as an infantry soldier in Vietnam with many of the emotive points of view you express here and on your blog.

    Me? I think and act on what I believe to be the right thing to do. Sometimes this is not always the feel good thing; we must cast our emotions aside and do what is right.

    I believe Tony Abbott is a man of principles who doesn’t let emotion cloud his judgement in doing what he feels is right. He is willing to take responsibility for what he thinks, says and acts, regardless of what others think.

    Who else in parliament would take such a stand that the ETS should be delayed?

    No one in the Labor party that’s for sure.

    History will show that this stand by Tony Abbott was a turning point in Australian politics and how we deal with climate change; even if he doesn’t make prime minister.

    Copenhagen – a lesson in hypocrisy.

  • After watching the news from copenhagen tonight it seems that the experts have got it wrong, or at least their collective doomsday story has great big flaws in it. Could it be that Govt. grant money ( taxpayers money ) has been fraudelently acquired to perpetrate Kevin 07’s claim to worldwide popularity..???….watch this space…Kevin’s next job is to prevent malaria in outer Slobovia…..with $30 million of your money…..

  • “Yet despite all the complexities, a firm and ever-growing body of evidence points to a clear picture: the world is warming, this warming is due to human activity increasing levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and if emissions continue unabated the warming will too, with increasingly serious consequences.”

    17, the above quote is the second paragraph in your linked article, and right there is the error. There is no evidence of warming caused by human activity.

    CO2 is NOT a pollutant. This is one of the many emotive labels given to aspects of the AGW theory, which is not proven and can not be proven because it is not happening.

    I don’t think you will ever believe that AGW is a con and a scam, no matter what evidence is shown, you want so hard to believe in something.

  • Poor old numbers links to a warm-monger article in an attempt to ‘hide the decline’ of climate science – well numbers the article asks us to “go into our gardens” and check out our plants to see if they are flowering earlier than normal.

    I would except it’s 3C and raining, with this month more than 3 degrees cooler than normal so far.

    So given the Rudd climate predictions of a couple of weeks ago that a few days of warm weather heralded thermogeddon, the last 11 days of rain and cold must be absolute proof an ice age is upon us.

    Now where is my ‘woolly mammoth gun’?

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