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cop151In the deep past Australia was inflicted with an add that had “Grim Death” in a bowling ally getting strikes with the pins being women, crying children and overt hetrosexual men.  The message was that everyone is subject to Aids and it was simply designed to frighten us. “Could kill more Australians than World War II” says the man. There, that should frighten them. It was wrong and didn’t frighten me. It actually struck me as a misrepresentation of the problem.  If you didn’t have sex with drug addicted, needle sharing partners, women with bisexual partners or homosexuals you were pretty safe.  And in the Australian context I was right. I draw a parallel with this and anthropogenic climate change.  I don’t subscribe to conspiracy theories nor do I answer willingly to ‘Flat Earther’ or ‘Denier’ but what I do believe is that a certain type of ideology will support a stand and the opposing ideology won’t.  It is a case, once again of Left versus Right with those in between, apolitical people as it were, being saturated with doubtful data from the media that some of them believe and some don’t. Philip Stevens, in todays Oz touches on the old Aids debate and points out the self fulfilling practices of UN bodies;
The UN in 1996 merged all its disparate AIDS advocacy, policy-making, funding and scientific activities into one, UNAIDS. AIDS activists suddenly had a lavishly funded UN agency to support their political agenda, so governments would spend the billions they demanded. UNAIDS was also responsible for interpreting scientific data about the pandemic. Year after year, its supposedly scientific updates predicted devastating heterosexual pandemics all over the world, with alarmingly high existing HIV-AIDS infections.
By the early 2000s, though, it was becoming increasingly apparent to outside experts that UNAIDS was distorting the science. UNAIDS was accused of ignoring peer-reviewed studies that showed the pandemic peaked in the mid-1990s. Its estimates of the numbers of infections globally seemed too high. Until last year, it claimed that without a significant increase in resources, Asia was at high risk of a generalised heterosexual AIDS pandemic — even though reputable epidemiologists knew such a thing was impossible.
Maybe we could redo the old Grim Reaper in the bowling ally with cute Polar Bears , Tuvali residents and a brace of Skeptics being knocked over – should get a few converts.

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  • Re Climate change, I’ll start treating it as a crisis when the people who are telling me that it is a crisis, start treating it like a crisis.

    Have a look at the amount of CO2 generated by the Copenhagen farce and then tell me that these people REALLY believe that CO2 generation = the end of the world rather than just an extra source of plant food.

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