Newspoll have Howard up, Crean

Newspoll have Howard up, Crean down and the Greens getting more irrelevant. In todays Australian the headline reads ‘Howard surges on Bush and Hu.’ The visits would have had some impact on poll results but there are other considerations. Howard is doing a fairly good job but in this case I think he is aided and abetted by Crean and Brown doing a terrible job. Notwithstanding ABC and general media bias, Brown is accepted as an embarrassing idiot by most Australians and Crean as a ‘no-show.’ I would think the near vertical climb in Newspoll for Coalition support is due more to Browns childlike antics than anything else. Thanks Bob! I’m dissappoined to think that, as Newspoll suggests, 6% of Australians think Brown is doing a good job. Of those 6%, most probably 4% think Brown is all about the environment when he is clearly just plain old anti-capitalist and anti west. Meanwhile Wayne Swan, my local member, says it’s all because Howard was deliberately manipulating national security issues to camouflage domestic security issues. There’s a war in progress, terrorists are infiltrating Aussie everywhere and Labour, the Democrats and the Greens are fighting tooth and nail to make it harder for ASIO and the AFP to do their job and Howard is manipulating? The voters read and know security is an issue. If there is any manipulating it is done by the terrorists, not Howard. He just tells it as it is. No wonder we are leaking like a sieve. Our soveignty is repeatedly thrown on the alter of human rights in the church of the United Nations whose parishioners consist of a few left wing fools who think giving the vote to despots in South Africa and the Middle East as the UN does, will keep the world a beautifull place. It wont.