Copenhagen final

If you are disappointed in the outcome of the Greenie – Latter Day Alarmists convention you should diversify your reading.  The UN do not, as a rule, produce outcomes – they talk. The UN could’ve saved a fortune and just paid for the telephone hook-up between Obama and Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao I’m not the only cynic – Frank Furedi says;
What so many of the commentaries overlook is that international conferences have a solid track record of achieving next to nothing. Global jamborees are essentially talking shops that provide political leaders with an opportunity to strike a statesman-like pose. These are essentially photo opportunities for politicians who want to be seen to be doing something. As for the ever growing industry of international non-governmental organisations, summits are important public relations events that help demonstrate their importance. That is why both political leaders and the protesters have a common interest in maintaining the illusion that something really important may occur in Copenhagen. And if not here and now, then there will be a chance at Copenhagen + 5, and Copenhagen + 10.
Seems about right to me. The failure of Copenhagen gives us a chance to actually have a reasonable debate on what we can actually do about Climate Change. I’d suggest the short answer is nothing unless we learn to alter the relative positions of the Earth and the Sun but that shouldn’t stop us looking for alternative power sources and trying to clean up our act. Anyone who says Tuvalu is going to be swamped under metres of rising seawater should be barred from the debate, so should those who claim the Barrier Reef has a  terminal Climate Warming disease.  Hyperbole should be ignored which rules out most Left Wing members of the church and balanced science and reason needs to prevail. Put downs like “Denier” and “Flat Earther” need to be exorcised from the lexicon as they smack of religious persecution.  To call me a “Flat Earther” doesn’t contribute to the debate, it justs puts it on hold until reason prevails. If the media, and KRudd can claim weather anomalies like unseasonable heat waves in Sydney are evidence of  Global Warming why isn’t the reverse true with parts of the US and Europe currently under seige from blizzards.  If it’s hot it’s Global Warming; if it’s cold it’s just weather and all this despite the fact that evidence points to Global Cooling. We haven’t had a debate yet; all we’ve had is members of a new religion doing their best to frighten the women and kids into converting and calling all skeptics names. If an inconvenient truth is mentioned the response is name calling. If the integrity and balance of scientific reports are questioned the response is the same. If the Spanish Inquisition chaps were still in power skeptics would lighting up the night skies as the Greens and members of Disciplinary body of the Church of the Latter Day Alarmists tied us to stakes and cleansed us of our sins by fire.

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