She’s free! Pauline Hanson released

She’s free! Pauline Hanson released and not required to stand trial again. Reported by SBS – as much as it must have hurt them to do so. Chief Court of Appeal Judge Paul de Jersey told a stunned courtroom that Ms Hanson and Mr Ettridge would not face a retrial. I’m not a Pauline fan but I was often beside myself with the treatment handed out to her by the extreme left. Screaming and physically attacking her every time she mounted the dias is not what we are about. We let Phillip Adams talk without attacking or screaming. Even Bob Brown is allowed to say his piece, in peace, as stupid as it is, and yet Pauline had to put up with the most foul abuse and physical threats. I was nearly moved to go find the baseball bat I had left on the verandah from the Keating days and pitch in to help her have her say. Watch the media tomorrow – the left will be screaming, the ABC will have endless debriefs and news leaders on how every one in SE Asia thought we were all racists because of one person’s opinions. Mahatir will be questioned by the ABC looking to give him a chance to say how racist we are and Kerry O’Brien will have to allocate another hour in the day to practise his sneer. By mid afternoon someone will remember that it was all Howard’s fault and some looney will ask him how come he didn’t have her shot on day one in Canberra. It might be a good time to get out the old Land Rover and go fishing. Update: Almost forgot – while watching the early evening news at 6.00 pm Channel 9 had daylight interviews of Pauline and the Ettridge chap free and surrounded by well wishers while at 6:30 SBS reported ‘they will be released sometime later tonight’ Get current guys.