Deja Vu?

Beasley, Latham or Rudd. Latham will never get my vote nor a lot of others after his ‘arselicking’ call in the house. I also notice the Unions don’t want a bar of him either. Rudd blew his free plug in the Bulletin when Maxine McKew starts the her piece with this; “I’m a Jeffersonian separatist,” says Kevin Rudd by way of explaining how he reconciles his faith with his approach to public policy. We’re passing the small wooden-framed Anglican church of St John’s in Oxford Street, Bulimba, in the heart of his ?Brisbane electorate of Griffith. Rudd, along with his wife, businesswoman Therese Rein and their three children, worship here every Sunday. Jeffersonian separatist…mmmm..every votor should get that one. The ALP need maths and economics, not prayers. The first paragraph sounds too much like the Greens holding hands in a circle and chanting ohmm..ohmm..ohmm. Even as Foreign Affairs shadow he’s only talking UN. On the role of the UN, Rudd says: “The contrast between ourselves and the government could not be more clear-cut. We say the way to prosecute the 21st century is through a reformed UN charter which maintains an international rules-based system with new provisions to do with self-defence and intervention on humanitarian grounds. This is the most critical question in international relations today. What are the new rules? It ain’t theoretical. But what’s the ?government say? They say the UN is dead and that it’s full of namby-pamby pinko lefties driven by Third World dictators. So what’s the alternative? I’ve issued this challenge to Downer. But the response has been zero.” Downer’s response is much more than zero. He says it’s driven by Third World Dictators and it is. In its current form it is useless and the Third World dictators sure as hell are going to fight any attempt by Australia to change it. Mm….Beasley. Been there done that but might have to go back and do it all again. Good luck!

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  • “So what’s the alternative? I’ve issued this challenge to Downer. But the response has been zero.”

    That’s why we call him ‘Pixie’. ‘zero’ IS the answer to “what’s better than the UN”, Pix. Millions of barbarically slaughtered Africans can’t be wrong.

    Q. Who was the UN official responsible for doing nothing to avoid the Rwandan genocide?

    Hint: He’s presently the UN Secretary General.