Penny’s preaching to the gullible

In her opening address to the National Climate Change Forum in Adelaide yesterday, Senator Wong made some alarming predictions for Australia’s coast.
“Not only are our assets and environments at risk, many of our sandy beaches could erode away or recede up to hundreds of metres over the coming century,” she said. “It is possible that with climate change and without large and expensive nourishment programs, Bondi Beach, (Queensland’s) Sunshine Coast and (Victoria’s) Bells Beach may no longer be the beaches we know today.”
I admire consistency but jeez Louise, read the papers. I’m happy to concede that Climategate doesn’t necessarily prove that global warming doesn’t exist but it does leave us in no doubt that the believers of the faith, the members of the Church of Latter Day alarmists, have tended to gild the lilly. You see Penny, Australians react poorly to people who call wolf too often – we tend to wonder why you are trying to panic us and what your agenda really is. I hesitate to point out the obvious but a hundred metres in a century is one meter a year and that is just plain scare tactics. If the problem is real as you say, why exaggerate?

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