Big Dog

All those old soldiers with bad backs caused by carrying 100lb packs should check the video on the right.


  • I wonder whether the remote is distant enough to get it to run into a building or under a tank with 300+ lb of plastique?

  • I love the way the ‘handler’ kicks it and it doesn’t get angry ;-)

    The video is pretty convincing – at the pace of development these days it will be a viable bit of kit within 5 to 8 years at a guess.

    Next step is to arm it and send it in first with a GPMG – imagine the ‘goat lovers’ confusion when their favourite ‘special friend with benefits’ turns out to be a US Marine robot with a gun…

    I might get one to do the shopping or more usefully, carry me home from my ‘gentlemen’s club’ after an evening of loyal toasts.

  • Too noisy to be used in an ambush!

  • Makes a big noise and looks hi-tech. The Yanks would love it. Can it be programmed to dig a shell-scrape and make a brew?

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