Will the Yanks do it better?

BARACK Obama has proposed a $US6 billion ($6.6bn) program to help millions of American home owners make their houses more energy efficient with government rebates of up to $US3000. Quick learners aren’t they. Obama’s plan includes;
… immediate rebates of up to $US1500 for upgrading their insulation, ducted heating, water heaters, airconditioners, windows, doors and roofing.
Home owners who invested in a “retrofit” of the whole house to greatly reduce energy use would be eligible for rebates of up to $US3000.
Rudd’s now discredited plan cost $2.45 billion (insulation only) sounds a bit grandiose considering the variations in populations, but thats our Kev. Still on Obama, Anthony Albanese, in his role as leader of the government in the House of Representatives, has confirmed that parliament will be specially recalled for the US President in three weeks’ time.
`The visit of President Barack Obama will of course generate a great deal of interest from the Australian public and indeed we will be honoured by his presence in Canberra on that day,” Mr Albanese said. The last American president to address the Australian parliament was George W. Bush in October 2003.
I presume he will be better treated than Bush was seeing as how both parties are now central left and cosy as all get out. Maybe Rudd can give Obama some tips on house insulation precesses or at least offer the services of Garrett – gets him out of our hair. I had my house insulated but my power bill is still on the up and up without the satisfaction of my usage following a similar curve. Isn’t it supposed to save me money?

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