No Comrade of ours

John Kerry, Presidential hopeful and Vietnam war hero is not all he seems. Hopeful, yes and by all accounts a war hero but some of the gilt associated with heroism has been tarnished. In an article by Rick Ericson he points to Kerry’s post vietnam slandering of US troops still embroiled in the war. Rick cuts straight to the chase with this.
Of all the reasons why John F. Kerry will not become President of the United States, the biggest reason has to be that, once he returned home from Vietnam, he betrayed his fellow servicemen who remained at war. Kerry not only allied with the likes of Hanoi Jane Fonda, but, before the United States Senate in 1971, Kerry went as far as to belittle the bravery of embattled troops by generalizing their every action in Vietnam as an atrocity.
kerry Readers should know by now my stand on Vietnam but to repeat; agree or disagree with the war but leave the soldier out of it and under no circumstances is consorting with the enemy acceptable. Go read and consider: Do we really want this man with his left wing baggage leading the US and the free world? Heads up from Wallace at Big Gold Dog.


  • Further….anyone that Bobby Kennedy heartily endorses should make most voters run. Quickly!

  • I’ve been kind of hoping that a competent, reliable Democrat could paste George Bush this year on account of three issues:

    -fiscal policy
    -immigration policy
    -Karl Rove

    On all three counts, the admin has been a disgrace. Karl Rove, for one, is not fit to be a presidential advisor. It’s not remembered any more, but his disgraceful pandering to Muslim voters pre-S11 (by proposing to relax anti terrorism laws), should be enough to give him the boot.

    Thus I’ve been hoping that either Joe Lieberman or John Edwards would win the primaries. Now that Joe-mentum is finished, I’m desperately wanting an Edwards victory. If not, there will effectively be one party running a presidential candidate – the Republicans. The Democrats will be running a shop dummy in a suit, rather than a “candidate” per se, and will hopefully be flogged in such a situation.