Offensive Art

In Melbourne comes a story depicting the level of debate the Howard haters love. A PAINTING mocking the relationship between Prime Minister John Howard and American President George W Bush has been labelled offensive by the Victorian Liberal opposition. Aboriginal artist Gordon Hookey’s Sacred nation, sacred nation, indoctrination, theme is on display at the Ian Potter Gallery in Federation Square
The painting includes a line that states: “John Howard and Australia are so far up George Dubbah Yah Bush and the USA’s arse that we’re in the s—. We’re kept in the dark and it stinks.”
How indescribably tasteless. He might think he’s clever but the majority of Australians will think he’s fouling his own nest . You are in the dark, old son, and you stink. Bill Leak’s cartoon yesterday that depicted thre Ostriches, two with UK and US flags adorning their feathers have their head in the sand while the third, with the Aussie flag, has it’s head up the US birds fundamental orifice. You are so clever, Bill but the only people who would have laughed are the grade three boys my son teaches at Yepoon. Oh, Ok some lefties would have laughed as well but their sense of humour is based on grade three anyway. Grade three humour, Grade three art. Upgrade: Reader James Riley has come up with more info on Hocking and his Grade three scribbles and daubles here and herethat links to the offensive painting, “Fuck’n Our Land. Should you wish to send the gallery an email complaining of this gutter art then click here Yobbo also picked up on event.

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  • Thanks to Kev for the heads up on yet another example of this person who constantly pisses on his own country while happily accepting taxpayer-funded handouts.

    If anyone wishes to complain to the NGV (as I shall), their email is .

    If you want to see more un-Australian examples from this idiot, check the following links:
    (Statement by Hookey)
    “Philip Maxwell Ruddock as Minister for Immigration, Ethnic Affairs, Multiculturalism, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Affairs and Reconciliation ? is like having Hitler as the social worker for the Jews; like having the cat looking after the canary; its like mixing oil and water; like chalk and cheese and black and white … and John Winston Howard …”
    (Statement by Hookey)
    (Link to offensive painting, “Fuck’n Our Land”)

    It’s people like this that give all the decent, honest, hard working aboriginals a bad name.