US, Australia sign trade pact

The most interesting aspect of the trade deal will be the medias interpretation. Already different commentators are taking different approaches. Latham says it’s bad and rushed so both Howard and Bush can get political mileage. Well he would say that wouldn’t he? With both the US and Australian elections some months away I just can’t see that as relevant. Negotiations have been going on for some time already. puts a negative spin on the deal quoting Latham in both articles The Age reports it as it is and lists benefits to the US and Australia. I tend to think a trade deal is better than no trade deal and there seems to be plenty of advantage to both parties. Vaille and his team have worked hard and the fact that most goods will enter the US duty free can only help. The Left wing and Howard haters will scream and push sugar and the yet to be announced variation to the Pharmaceuticals Benefits Scheme down our throats for some time yet but most will see the benefits.