Tuscon, Arizona

A nut case in Tuscon, Arizona listens to voices in his head and goes on a rampage murdering and wounding public officials and civilians causing the Left to listen to voices in their heads and start a vitriolic campaign to blame Republicans for the incident. No evidence but that doesn’t seem to matter. Sarah Palin, of course, gets the blame for publishing a map targeting Democrats notwithstanding the fact that Democrats publish maps targeting Republicans. Apparently that’s different. Yes, one of the wounded is a Democrat but it would appear the nut case had a personal issue with her having previously questioned her and received an answer he considered stupid and ignorant. It’s a weird world. It’s a tragedy and the vitriolic Left need to wait until facts are known before they spend endless hours and words blaming the Right. Larvatus Prodeo compile a list of guilty bastards including Sarah Palin, the Tea Party and other assorted targets of hate that the Left amass and claim they will get away with their crimes but not
…the confused young man who bought their intemperate rhetoric and pulled the trigger.
Well there you go – LP rest their case. They want to hope that evidence is brought forward at his trail that mention his being brainwashed by evil Republicans otherwise they are going to have egg on their collective face. That is in doubt but what isn’t is the fact that there will be no retraction from LP if he simply proves to be a nutcase. Go read the hatred at LP and then go to Tim Blair’s for a bit of balance.


  • Kev
    The MSM aren’t saying that the rhetoric made the gunman pull the trigger but they are asking whether the atmosphere created by candidates wearing holstered guns and brandishing baseball bats, calling for “second amendment solutions,” as well as crowds at Glenn Beck rallies carrying “Unarmed, this time” signs is creating a toxic atmosphere.
    Fair question, it seems to me.
    As for going to Blair for balance – that would be about as productive as looking for a good red in Thargomindah.
    Never happen….

    • Good to see you are safe and I assume that if you are on line then your family are likewise. Would have thought you’d be filling sandbags like a good grunt though.

      • Thanks but we’re all fine.
        Sandbagging was never an option in Toowoomba – it happened too quickly.
        OT – but one interesting sidelight about this is the impact of visual media. My daughter had a phone call from a worried friend in Israel yesterday who had seen the footage of the flash flood in town.

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