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Gillard and Swan are desperately trying to divert attention away from their Carbon Tax. I can see their logic – they know that costs will rise but if they start talking now about businesses ‘just simply ripping people off’ then maybe the voters will think the businesses are the bad guys.
Ms Gillard said any shops already claiming prices would have to rise by 10-15 per cent were “just simply ripping people off”, because overall price rises would rise less than 1 per cent and not before next July.
Wayne parrots the same line;
Treasurer Wayne Swan said companies making misleading claims or gouging customers could face fines up to $1.1 million. “The vast majority of businesses will do the right thing, but those businesses that don’t will face the full force of the law and heavy fines,” he said.
All this in the total absence of any suggestions that businesses are ‘price-gouging’ And just in case, the ALP have worked out how to throw another mob of dollars at another problem that doesn’t exist yet. The Competition and Consumer Commission has been given $12.8 million to monitor prices. It will employ an extra 20 carbon cops, (what! for 12.8m) and consumers who suspect a shop of price-gouging have been urged to call the ACCC hotline, 1300 302 502. I need to phone that number now and complain about power and water utilities in Queensland price-gouging due to ALP/Greens initiated cost increases.


  • How exactly do they define ‘price gouging’? if I run a business generally I can choose to charge whatever I like for my product or service. Is the economy to be so centrally managed that the bogan queen now sets the price for a packet of chips?

  • Another 20 tigers in need of dental implants. The ACCC won’t go near water, electricy, or fuel Kev so you’d be wasting your time. The way they have calculated the compensation is a joke. Have you ever seen a price rise of 1.3 cents or .8 cents. I don’t think I have. Our monetary units don’t allow for it. Manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers will factor in their cost due to this BS tax and would be justified in doing so. If Juliar thinks that people in business will absorb the extra cost she is insane. How do you add fractions of a cent to a loaf of bread, tube of tooth paste or anything else for that matter. These “economists” are deluded if they honestly believe the numbers and that 10 dollars a week will cover anywhere near the price rises coming if the CO2 tax is intriduced.

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