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Nothing on TV Monday night. No good movies or reruns of ALP grief so I ended up watching Lifeline. Bad move. They had a piece on Carbon farming and I’m so incensed with the insanity of it all I am writing this at 1:00 in the morning. The Landline clip on Henbury is here RM WIlliams Holdings have somehow decided it would be a good idea to use the governments offer of fronting up with nearly 2/3rds of the purchase price of Henbury Station, near the Alice. The government come up with $9m and RJM, $4m. They then de-stock the station and spend money on looking after the saltbush, waterways and fairey covens (any Greenie will tell you where they are). Coupled with the resultant downturn in cattle produced methane, somehow or other RJM Williams are going to earn up to $25m after they find someone to pay them for something or other, otherwise being touted as carbon credits. This mystery company, who most probably brought the Sydney Harbour bridge the week before, could use that as collateral to splash out on Carbon fantasies. Is this f*****g insane or what? Money earned is to be used in managing the local vegetation. The local vegetation has been a feature of the area long before the Greens insanity invaded the country and no amount of hugging or talking to the tress will improve it. With the removal of the cattle the land will return to what it was like before – marginal for anything other than cattle fattening. According to the Federal government the early estimates is that there could be up to a million tonnes of carbon or more on the property. Who assesses the ‘million tonnes’ If someone is going to pay $25 per tonne, as another report suggests, then just how is this quantified? Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke in the Alice Springs news
“By establishing the science and the economic model for generating income from carbon farming, Henbury will offer a new potential income stream for pastoralists who wish to diversify. “A key requirement of the funding deed is an in-perpetuity conservation covenant for the property. “If the property were to be sold, the new owner would need to manage it for conservation under the same conservation covenant.
That is – permanently locked away, at least until a conservative government arrives and reverse the insanity. With young Ludwig ruining the cattle export industry and Communist/Green Senator Rhiannon calling for the total ban on cattle and animal libers running around filming cattle slaughter to impact on those less worldly people who never ponder the source of the eye fillet, one could easily make a case of there being a concerted plan to stop us eating meat. Like all Green vegan radicals, they are not happy just not to eat meat – they have to stop us all enjoying a steak According to Opposition spokesperson for agriculture John Cobb says the figures are a PR stunt to sell the idea of carbon farming.
“To try and pacify agriculture, they pulled $9 million from somewhere, heavens knows where, to help a very large company buy a station to be locked up and actually do nothing,” he said. “It is a front about trying to convince agriculture that carbon farming is good for them. It is a joke.”
From Fiona Lake
…here’s quote in The Australian from CSIRO ‘site leader’ Ashley Sparrow, regarding ‘revegetating’ Henbury and turning it into a ‘carbon sink’: “…. the rejuvenation would be “a slow process, since most recovery relies on big rainfall events. I would expect in a while, and after some good rains, you’d see fields full of daisies in winter and high grass in the summer”. I think Ashley needs to go and read some of the dairies written by explorers, the first white people to travel through inland Australia. All the photos I’ve seen of Henbury show it looking right now as good as it probably has for a couple of centuries – well before whities arrived in this area with cows.
I’d love to see the business plan – if there actually is one I think it would start with “look for easy money from stupid government to purchase land and when said government is kicked out, which is definitely on the cards, then we will own another cattle property. Nothing else makes sense. All this angst from the Greens. Lead by a man who blamed the 2011 Queensland floods on the coal mines and who, at a dinner celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Greens, addressed the crowd as Fellow Earthians and reiterated his stated desire of a world government;
So let us resolve that there should be established for the prevalence and happiness of humankind a representative assembly, a global parliament for the people of the Earth based on the principle of one person one vote one value
And they have the balance of power in the Senate of a first world country. Just how much damage can these people do in the remaining 18 odd months of this government. .


  • This carbon credits “plan” is already in existence. I was reading somewhere that a Tasmanian property owner has an agreement with an overseas entity (either in China or Canada) whereby he forgoes dropping his forest and is paid a carbon offset figure of something like $400,000 a year. Figures were quoted but I’m too lazy to look for it. This enables the company paying him to continue producing CO2. I don’t think the Govt is paying. It makes no sense, the CO2 is still produced so no reduction CO2, just produced at the behest of someone who can make enough money to pay for the credits and also profit from whatever the company produces. It all sounds like BS to me.

  • So preserving natural forests (as opposed to converting them into toilet paper) and earning a quid at the same time is BS?

    These schemes are nothing new. They’ve been around for at least ten years in this country – see here

    This practice is also in line with Coalition policy. See p 28 under the heading “Green Corridors and Urban Forests” – see here

    If you want to talk about BS, consider CDOs – here

    This practice created millions of victims a few years ago. But then, that was OK on Wall Street, which has its own unique brand of ethics.

    “Is this f*****g insane or what?”

    You tell me.

    • Hidden under the guise of reductions in Carbon Dioxide production it is BS when there is no reduction in said CO2 production. One industry of producers buys out the production rights of another in order to increase it own production. If McDonalds pays Hungry Jacks to stop selling burgers in order to produce an equivalent number for sale in their own stores it merely transfers ownership/liability for that production and globally nothing changes in relation to the amount of product.
      “So preserving natural forests (as opposed to converting them into toilet paper) and earning a quid at the same time is BS?” Indicate where I said that so that I can address my symptoms of “old timers”. You obviously have a bidet at your home. The pleasure you derive from its use is affecting your comprehension skills. But you don’t have to use toilet paper, of course, just more water.
      Carbon trading is BS Bobby, just transfers production rights and locations for a price. There will be no reduction in Carbon Dioxide production. The Carbon (dioxide) tax is a revenue earner….it would have been more honest to say we are in the red and need Australians to give another 2% in GST until we are back in the black.

    • 1735099 Quote-This practice is also in line with Coalition policy. See p 28 under the heading “Green Corridors and Urban Forests”

      Don’t see the comparison here….PUBLIC lands and corridors to be planted does not equate with paying landholders to walk away from established farming practices so that someone “off shore” can produce CO2 and claim that they have “X” number of trees in Australia that will offset the amount of CO2 produced. Paying off the farmer and shifting responsibility for CO2 production “off shore” is totally different to planting extra CO2 exterminators on public lands. Plantings will reduce available CO2 and will not give a permit to some gas/electric guzzling factory in a third world or developing country to continue or increase output of the dreaded Carbon dioxide we are so keen to demonise. If this was really about reducing CO2 we would be refusing to export coal to countries that have been shown to produce this inert, odourless, tasteless and colourless gas that plants love, in amounts that make our own production appear to be minimal by comparison.

      Don’t see the relevance of crazy US economics to this post, except as another pink fish.

  • Slightly off topic.


    Comments are fierce on this article, seems she’s as welcome as dingoes this side of the dingo fence in Queensland.

    They think that explaining a bad thing time and time again, is going to change people’s minds, they treat people like fools. Her problem and her backer’s problem is no one wants a good tax let alone a bad tax and then a bad tax that was promised not to be implemented is the ultimate folly.

    Carbon trading internationally is being folded as its value continually erodes as all ponzi scams fall apart so is this one.

    Henbury station actions sound like the old Yank and EU schemes where farmers were paid not to grow certain crops by Government.

    These people created a market for hot air and corrupt science and now wonder why they languish politically and just about anywhere sensible practical people congregate.

  • So preserving natural forests (as opposed to converting them into toilet paper) and earning a quid at the same time is BS?

    Pay attention 17etc. We are not talking about natural forests being converted into anything. Henbury is in the Territory and the country is typically some low mulga scrub with a small band of trees along the rivers.

    Your first link talks about planting trees which is good and the second is where the libs talk about planting trees in corridors which is also good.

    At Henbury we are only talking about maintaining the vegetation as it is. With less methane and cattle walking around somehow or other they are going to make $25m.

    CDOs are off subject but if you want to read something really insane check out Bob Brown’s ‘Fellow Earthians’ speech

  • After reading “Fellow Earthians” I am at a loss to understand how how a free thinking, intelligent,academic,ex-digger,ex-teacher,supposedly sane,red flag waving person could possibly vote Greens.

    • Makes you wonder doesn’t it? Remember he also blamed the 2011 Brisbane floods on the coal miners.

      • He also neglects the possibility that those possible aliens may be refusing to contact us because they believe in free speech and totalitarian censorship types like Bob Brown offend their sensibilities.

        or, just possibly, to quote the hitchhikers guide, it could have something to do with the fact that “Space is big. You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mind- bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it’s a long way down the road to the chemist’s, but that’s just peanuts to space.”

      • I reckon Bob’s been reading this blog and finally got the message…..what do you think?

    • His claimed voting preference reveals he is obviously not ‘free thinking’, ‘sane’ or ‘intelligent’ so we can be glad he’s an ex-teacher and well away from our kids.

      The red-flag waving academic part is just par for the course for Earthian drones whose credulousness knows no bounds when it comes to the tenets of the church of global warming.

      ‘Ex-digger’. It’s a pity he’s so fixated on a perceived slight by a conservative who he claims ‘snubbed’ him at a party or some-thing-or-other half-a-century or so in the past.

      It’s also a pity the maunderings he posts under the pseudonym of his service number bring disrepute so regularly to others with similar numbers in their past.

      For as he is rightfully scorned for his ill-informed and inconsequential words so are others despite being innocent of 17 bobby red-herring’s softness of mind.

  • What message?
    I’m having a great time at Bunyip’s (AKA Dingo). Rich pickings there!

  • “I’m having a great time at Bunyip’s…”

    If taking a daily beating from your betters is what floats your boat then enjoy the Bunyip’s waterhole.

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