On the Road

Currently resident at Fishery Falls, NQ – just 10 odd kilometers north of Babinda at the house of an old Army friend Denis Quick. Denis has a weekly column in the Townsville Bulletin on current and historic defence matters and has agreed to providing guest posts on kevgillett.net and this will commence on my return to Brisbane. Another opinion can only help. The trip has been uneventful in respect of vehicle or tyre damage with poor fishing (inclement weather) but I have met some very interesting characters and will post on them later. The Discovery handled the Old Telegaraph Track with ease and in due course I will post pics of the car going vertical into river crossings and climbing river exits that no sane vehicle owner would attempt. This week promises a few days R & R on Magnetic Island out of Townsville, a few beers with old army mates and then home by the weekend when my leave pass runs out. Until then.


  • Sounds like a good trip….travel safe.

  • Good timing on the return, Kev. We’re having a beer at the Story Bridge pub next Friday.

  • And a very Interesting trip it is. I leave next Tuesday for my 5th to the Cape. Still another three to go before Christmas. I run the support vehicle and act as cook for my Son’s Fairdinkum Trail Bike Tours. I dont do Gunshot because of the trailer, but come in from Heathlands to do Cockatoo Creek. The Lady at the Jardine Ferry says the State Governments Liquor Laws are working.(Against the Indigenous) As more of them hit the Metho and Petrol Sniffing because they cant get the grog. Well, we could never tell a politician anything could we?