Bloody Muslims

The world reels from Islamic radicals attacking the West once again. A lot of discussion centres around a YouTube clip of a film denigrating Mohammed but personally I just think the clip was an excuse. Let’s face it, the sub-human species that is radical Islam will use any excuse to attack the US and if there isn’t one readily available they will invent it. I’m appalled that the US Ambassador and his staff were murdered but I’m more appalled that the US didn’t do anything about it. Clinton issues apologies to those offended by the clip but according to the internet no ammo to those tasked with defending the Embassy. The Rules of Engagement for the Marine Corps Security detail are such that they can’t do their job as shown by the murders. It used to be that an attack against an Embassy was an attack against the country and thus a warlike act that had serious repercussions. Under Obama and Clinton it doesn’t even attract harsh words. Clinton apologises for the clip; The media is all over the clip’s producer, riots are everywhere and in Sydney 8 year old kids hold up signs saying “Behead those who insult the Prophet”. And people blame the West. I’m OK with people following the own religion but not when they denigrate others who follow another form and events over the last ten years has led me to believe that Muslims do not assimilate. In Australia, and elsewhere in the West, they will always define themselves by their religion and never by their new nationality. In a perfect world I would gather up those who shamed us in the streets of Sydney and send them home with their hatreds and kids that encourage others to behead people. Not only that but I would tell Immigration – no Muslims to be accepted until they sort their shit out and join the West in the 21st Century.

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  • Kev,
    I agree it would be a good thing if we ceased accepting Muslims however, it won’t happen. Indonesia would resent it and so would the oil producing Middle East.
    However, I think we would achieve a similar result by stopping the boats, re-issuing Temporary Protection Visas, ending family reunions and tightening up the requirements for citizenship.
    Something worth noting is that Singapore does not have Muslim inspired riots although the country is 15% Muslim. The reason is clear – they won’t put up with their ratbaggery. As this article indicates, they have a pretty firm policy on “asylum seekers” as well. It seems to work too – when was the last time you heard of a boatload fetching up on Singapore’s shores?
    As for Muslims joining the 21st century, I fear that won’t happen either. They believe the Koran is the word of God handed down to Mohammed by the Angel Gabriel. It is therefore indisputable and unchangeable. For as long as they believe this, they will remain locked in the 7th century.
    There are about 57 nations that make up the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation and not one is first world. I cannot believe that is a coincidence. However, I can believe it has a lot to do with their beliefs and practices.
    Likewise, I do not go along with the “moderate Muslim” song. In my opinion most are fence sitters waiting to see which way the wind blows. If the fervid followers of the Koran and the Hadith get the upper hand, then I expect we will hear a chorus of “me too, me too”. On the other hand, for as long as we have the upper hand the “moderate Muslims” will remain quiescent – but waiting.

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