Activist refugee campaign continues

The Refugee activists continue their campaign to legitimize those seeking residence in the land of milk and honey. Life on Nauru ‘horrific’, says aid worker heads an article in the Sydney Morning Herald. The writer, Beau Donnelly quotes Brett Louise Woods as the aid worker who spent two weeks in Nauru. Aid worker is a bit of misnomor – Refugee activist would be closer to the truth. Brett Louise and old campaigner Stuart Rintoul between them provide the standard litany of nice refugees doing it tough and deserving of immediate citizenship. Suicide…refusing to eat…traumatized…shade inadequate…unable to contact their families…they are living in tents…Most people are not eating now and 15 or 20 are collapsing every day … there isn’t any good medical services. Hold the country to emotional blackmail is their modus operandi and it’s a con. Organise a hunger strike…get quotes on suffering…exaggerate the case and get some sympathetic journalist and newspaper to print the puff piece. That’s they way they play the game – appeals to our better nature guilt. It’s fine we have a debate about the issue but the only people being given media time are the activists and the Sydney Morning Herald is choosing sides by calling Brett Louise an aid worker to lend authenticity to the piece when in fact she is plain and simply an activist.


  • Outstanding stuff, get these guys out to Xmas island to do a similar hit job. This is EXACTLY the info that we want the Govt getting out in the wider world, the idea that, if you come here illegally, your life will be hell – we should set up a fake torture and execution for them to witness and report on, best PR we could get.

  • I’m with you there Harry but I worry the government will panic and declare the borders open to anyone. On top of that I do not like the media misrepresenting the facts to play to their own agenda.

  • The only fact that the media acknowledge is that collectively they (the media) never allow the truth to get in the way of a good money making story. Journalists seeking recognition for their work cannot publish “news” that will not sell papers/magazines etc.

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