457 Visas aren’t the issue

Have you noticed how we all appear to be talking about 457 visas.  We need to stop – it has no bearing on any problems we are faced with today other than it is an ALP invented distraction to stop us talking about illegal boats and the occupants. Let’s get back to the problem – over 40 boats and 3,000”asylum” seekers this month alone! So, you’re in the office at the water cooler, on the train, in the teachers lunch-room at school or at a BBQ or pub – the moment someone mentions 457 visas point out to them that the visa issue is a distraction away from porous borders and turn the conversation back to “what are we going to do about our porous borders”. Answer – nothing can be done. The Gillard government has so many problems and so few competent operators that the problem will stand until we get them out of office. In a related matter, the ALP budgeted for an average of 450 illegals every month. This, along with the thousands of other dreamtime forecasts they have made, has an input into today’s news that the budget deficit has gone from a ‘non-negotiable’ surplus to a $12 billion deficit.

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