Rudd campaigning for PM again

The Rudd Brigade are in full campaign mode.   Polls commissioned by the ALP say that the loss of seats will be less under Rudd.  Working on the safe assumption that the only people who like Rudd have never met him, I would caution the ALP about doing anything to encourage the little snide marshmellow. The timing for this coup would surely be during the next and last sitting of parliament, leaving the electorate a full two months at least to remember why they hated him last time he sat in the chair.  And just in case they don’t recall the debacle of the Rudd government, the Libs will be cycling video clips of Swan, Gillard, Shorten et al saying why they can’t work with the little emperor. “Dysfunctional”, “a man of great weakness“, “Labor colleagues sick of…“type direct quotes of ALP politicians will be on TV all day every day. Does anyone remember who it was that started the Asylum seekers travesty?  Rudd! So, on the very day that the authorities are out in the ocean trying to save lives but in effect just collecting bodies, journalists and ALP politicians are actually canvassing bringing the little bastard back into power. The ALP must be aware by now that the country are furious with their open borders policy and still, all they do, is campaign for retention of power. Here’s a thought. DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE POOR ASYLUM SEEKERS ! But no,  the  first reaction of the ALP compliant media is to blame the Australian Border Protection Service.  From The Age;
Australia’s border protection service has been accused of causing lives to be lost by responding too slowly to the latest asylum seeker boat tragedy off Christmas Island. A former Australian ambassador has called for a coronial inquiry into the response by the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service. The Greens also want a more thorough inquiry than the standard internal review.
Tim Blair nails it:
That report from Fairfax (which campaigned for weaker border protection policies, causing hundreds of lives to be lost) cites the Greens (who campaigned for weaker border protection policies, causing hundreds of lives to be lost) and an ex-ambassador (who campaigned for weaker border protection policies, etc, etc). Now that weaker policies are in place and tens of thousands of asylum seekers are risking death at sea, they’re blaming … the border protection service. These people are incapable of shame.
Indeed they are!    


  • The logical move is to knife the worst PM in Australian history and replace her with the worst PM in Australian history (until replaced by Gillard) to save a few seats.
    The question is will logic override the almost pathological hatred for Rudd that fills the top end of the ALP?
    Stay put Julia. I want to sack you.

    • The country has earned the right to sack her.  She had done nothing about Rudd’s stuff-ups and has produced a litany of her own. 

  • Let me propose a simple question and answer type statement.
    If the answer to the question is Kevin Bloody Rudd then wtf is the question.
    They need unification, not more divisiveness. I can see it now the speculation ads, a vote for Kevin is a vote for a new leader after the election. Is he a viable long term alternative? 
    The simple question would remain on his assassination and potential for it a second time.

    • “If the answer to the question is Kevin Bloody Rudd then wtf is the question”… guess is “Who was the fool that believed Juliar Gillard wouldn’t stab him in the back to become the first and most incompetent female Prime Minister in the history of Australia.  How’d I go?

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