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KEVIN Rudd is ordering an intervention into Labor’s NSW branch to stamp out corruption and further limit the influence of wealthy property developers on the party. I presume then, that Craig Thomson is gone.  He’s NSW Labor, right? :roll: The fact that the NSW ALP have been corrupt for years should have brought about some action before now.  As it is, it just looks like Rudd is ticking off boxes to get re-elected. Say some words about NSW ALP corruption ….done, Well almost but; If you just say property developers can’t join doesn’t that leave it open for crims from other callings to join, and then doesn’t that leave you with having to regularly update the most recent corrupt callings as in, now farmers can’t join…oh, oh, and Real Estate guys can’t join…damn it! taxi drivers can’t join either and ad infinitum.  Wouldn’t it just be smarter to ensure all who joined had a track record of honesty and respect for public monies. Or is that too hard for the current ALP? Say some words about illegal immigrants………done,  Well, almost done but;

The Prime Minister last night joined his new Immigration Minister in admitting his government got things wrong in 2009 when it failed to stop the burgeoning people-smuggling trade.

No!  You got things wrong when you cancelled Howard’s boat policy. Rudd goes on to maintain his “push” rather than “pull” excuse citing the Sri Lankan war as a new factor.

But that promise (pre-election) had been offered at a time when the international refugee situation was more benign.

The Sri Lankans escaping the war had plenty of places to go but Australia’s open border policy offered far better financial benefits and they considered it well worth the risk. Rudd, Carr and Burke are politically gaming the refugee situation to try and convince the country it wasn’t really their fault – good luck with that fellows. And from Burke who says;

“The points that (Bob Carr) has raised match what’s been said to me during briefings in terms of some of the key examples of people attempting to rort the system,” Mr Burke said.

Everyone other than the human rights industry have been saying that since 2007 Burke, how come you just heard it? The ALP are attacking Abbott’s turn back the boats” policy as if is the only string in his bow.  It’s a small part of the Lib’s policy and may only be used a few times, just to make a point.  TPVs will help and can I suggest if  rorters arrive without papers then they have no entitlement tovisas nor should any boat person have access to legal aid.  Legal aid should be restricted to Australians. I’m furious with the situation as it is right now whereby if someone is denied a visa a queue of human rights lawyers instantly forms with the cry ‘Pick Me’…’Pick me – I’ll fight the government for you’ Say some words about trade with Indonesia.  Rudd is off to Indonesia tonight with a crew of nervous stewards looking after him. Tomorrow he is apparently going to bring up a trade agreement with Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. I’m sure Yudhoyono would love to start the conversation with;

“Just tell me that you have that idiot Ludwig under control and I might talk live cattle trade.  Otherwise we’ll just wait until Abbott is in power – he’s someone we can believe.

The last time Live Export was in the news it was as a result of your party trashing our national strategic ability to feed ourselves – without any warning…on the basis of a left wing TV show.”

He won’t of course and I figure not much will come out of the talks, other than when Rudd exaggerates the outcome for public consumption, as the Indonesians can read polls as well as we can and they will see Rudd as a hologram like Rimmer in Red Dwarf – hollow and pointless but noisy. They know what he is like and like most Australians, small business, all of the large business and Corporate community, the mining industry and a  host of other bodies that have been impacted by six years of Union controlled government,  are all just waiting ’till we can start getting the country moving again.    

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  • Don’t you just love the way he sucked up to SBY. We need some one to tell SBY that it isn’t Australians putting people on leaky boats, so it isn’t our problem. Indonesia is primarily a Muslim country, so why can’t they make their fellow muslims welcome there, why push them off to Australia, which is primarily a Christian country, where we have a totally different social structure that they have no interest or any chance of integrating into. It must only be because of our welfare system, where the more they breed, the more they get.
    These are not the moderates that we have welcomed here before, these are people that want to change our whole way of life. There have already been calls from some groups wanting Sharia law in places like Bankstown and Auburn.
    I don’t know any Australian that wants to live under these laws, do you.

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