Bloody Journos

BEN PACKHAM AND BRENDAN NICHOLSON think TONY Abbott is risking the ire of the nation’s defence establishment by forcing a three-star military commander to answer directly to his immigration minister under a dramatic command and control overhaul to stop asylum boats. Forcing!  Have you pair no idea how the system works.  The government of the day is empowered to give orders to the ADF who simply obey.  It isn’t up for discussion….. the General concerned doesn’t get to discuss it with the media – he just obeys his orders.  He isn’t forced but if he does disagree with the order he talks to the Commander ADF, his immediate superior in the chain of command, who may or may not discuss it with the relevant minister who may or may not alter the order. No one is forced to do anything. Bloody Journos UPDATE:  The Libs Border policy is available here for download.  If you are a rusted on ALP supporter or any other kind of Abbott hater don’t download it – you need to maintain the lie that Abbott doesn’t have any policies.


  • Amazing – the Coalition’s answer to every humanitarian problem is to go feral and call in the military.First it was indigenous disadvantage. Now it’s asylum seekers.
    No doubt, next will be disabilities 

    • Numbers, just who do you think is doing the heavy lifting in regards economic queue jumpers right now fuckwit?   Hint, it starts with an “M” and ends with an “ilitary” – take your time.
      All they are doing is formalizing and contracting the chain of command. but you are too biased and simply too stupid to get it.
      Re indigenous disadvantage, the military is the best way too deliver services into the parts of the country that have been reduced to 3rd world standards by your side of politics obsessing over indigenous culture rather than the right of individuals to be safe. reason, they are self contained and deployable into areas with little or no services.
      The disgraceful state of many aboriginal communities is another atrocity (along with the queue jumper drownings) that you would but your hand up for if you were honest. but we know you aren’t, you’ve demonstrated that too many times.

    • Or Floods, bush fires or other disasters, 1735099.  I must be missing something here…..I thought the Navy and AirForce (our military forces) were or have been utilized in this border protection farce for surveillance and taxi work to and from Indonesian waters as well as our own maritime region.
      No doubt you will let me know if I am incorrect.  It appears to me that Abbott and his opposition crew have decided that they need  to upgrade and coordinate things better and will require immediate protocols to ensure speedy delivery of communications to the Minister in charge.  Where’s the problem if the Minister and the usual chain of command are informed at the same time? Immediate Military decisions will be made in the same fashion as they are currently and our Border protection services will be in the loop.  The quicker communications will enable policy decisions to be considered in a more timely fashion.

    • Young job seekers would be forced into tough army-style boot camps in order to qualify for the dole, under an election policy being considered by the Rudd government

      Read more:
      Turns out that it isn’t the Coalition that is intent on militarizing everything.

  • There are boot camps and boot camps.
    There is no conclusive evidence any where in the world to show they work. Just shoving these kids into military style camps definitely doesn’t work, unless it is accompanied by counseling infrastructure, post camp supervision, and training programs. Unless the government is prepared to spend the big bikkies to support this, they’re just a populist gimmick. 
    With few exceptions, these
    positive changes did not
    lead to reduced recidivism.
    The boot camps that did
    produce lower recidivism
    rates offered more treatment services, had longer
    sessions, and included
    more intensive post release supervision.
    From -U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Community Oriented
    Policing Services.
    JUNE 03
    Correctional Boot Camps: Lessons From a Decade of Research – Ashcroft, Daniels & Hart

    They’re not working out real well for Noddy in North Queensland.

  • Seems like the policies of the Government 1983, re, allowing teenagers to divorce their parents and with funds from the Government at the time to help them move out from parental control, is coming back to haunt them. With no discipline from parents or teachers, anarchy prevailed. Most of the kids of today are the children of those teenagers in 1983. Typical of all Labors policies, great ideas, but no substance.
    And now the resident clown has a shot at the Queensland Premier over it, that is typical also.
    I know this has nothing to do with the opening topic, but what I think of bloody journos would be unprintable.

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