• Guilty of revealing this?
    He deserves a bloody medal.

    • The journalists took a risk to get a story, that risk turned out badly for them – personal responsibility in action. Taking the kids – under the Geneva conventions, the people who brought the children are war criminals, to reverse that responsibility would make human shields an almost compulsory part of every military operation – that would be a very bad thing to encourage.
      Just how fucking stupid do you need to be to not get that? numbers stupid, that’s how stupid.

    • Enemy spotted armed with AK47s and RPGs….fire on chopper….chopper returns fire.  Pretty standard contact.

      Lessons for those involved.

      If you run with the enemy trying to get a story then don’t be surprised if you become the story, and

      Don’t take your kids to battle.

      He doesn’t deserve a medal – he should be in the clink for a long time with Snowdon and Assange in adjoining cells.


    • Not disimilar but I dont do beards and anyway any bull would have trouble targeting me with a 7.62mm hole in his head.

      Running of the Bulls – stupid

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