There’s a plan?

THE federal government’s hardline asylum seeker resettlement policy is being implemented exactly according to plan, Immigration Minister Tony Burke insists.

The first group of families was sent to Nauru on Wednesday while three Iranians have chosen to return home rather than be resettled in Papua New Guinea.

The seven families sent to Nauru – each with a mother and father and including a total of 12 children aged between five and 15 years – will be housed away from the single men there in detention.

That’s going exactly according to plan? 26 People to Naurau, 3 elected to go back to Iran and 36 have been sent to Manus Isalnd. That’s 75 illegals have been relocated out of 3,000 who have arrived since Rudd announced his plan to get the problem off the front page . Only the ALP would call that ‘going to plan‘ on the same afternoon HMAS Parramatta is busy dragging more of them out of the water. Seventeen and a wakey!

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