Stanthorpe makes threats

CHRISTMAS Island administrator Jon Stanhope says he would consider quitting the post if the federal government tried to gag residents from talking about asylum-seeker arrivals. Go now John.  The government aren’t gagging the Christmas Isalnders, in fact they aren’t gagging anyone. They are just slowing down the media frenzy and Mr Morrison and deputy chief of army Angus Campbell will give weekly media briefings about Operation Sovereign Borders, the coalition’s asylum seeker and border protection exercise. The first such briefing is due today. The Abbott government says it won’t constantly update the public on boat arrivals because it wants to starve people smugglers of information. As Morrison says; That way we can say what we have done over the week rather than what we might do a la the ALP That’s how adults do it John but seeing you are an ALP Appointment for Mates you most probably aren’t aware of this and, could I remind, you that you have a new paymaster now and making threats is not a good look.    

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