Flannery isn’t going gracefully

Tim Flannery gets sacked from his $180,000 per year scam for only working three days a week but that’s OK  -he set up a website seeking finances from useful idiots some time ago and now he aleady has $35,000 in donations. His new Australian Climate Council is being touted by the ALP media arm, the ABC, as a legitimate body like it was just a continuation of the ALP’s propaganda unit the Climate Commission. It isn’t. I don’t care what he does so long as the country aren’t paying him any money but I’d like to think he just contains his pulpit sermons to those who believe – for eample if he just sent out email newletters to those who sent him money then that would be a plus. Although the rate of donations seems impressive, he needs a hell of lot more to pay for the damage to the country.  I hold him partly responsible for the spate of Desalination plants built around the country in a overreaction to his constant carping that the rains will never come again due to Climate CHange. Billions spent, all sitting idle and costing millions in maintenance. You owe us big-time boy so get selling.  

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