Hicks is not happy….good!

Terrorist DAVID Hicks says he can’t return to normal life in Australia without clearing his name in the US courts, declaring he is fed up with being called a convicted terrorist. Listen, you bastard, you don’t deserve a normal life in Australia because you are a convicted terrorist.  Remember – you fought for the other side, you had an audience with Osama Bin Laden, you were convicted? His passport should have been revoked and he should not have been allowed back into Australia.  The report in The Australian says he has a job in a panel beating shop.  So somewhere there is a business that is happy to employ terrorists – what is the owner thinking? There is a couple of things Howard did that I disagree with and allowing this bastard back into Australia is one of them.  The pressure from all the US hating left wing was distracting from the buisness of running the country so I can see  why he did it – I just don’t agree with giving terrorists any leeway whatsoever.

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